Spending Quality Time With Your Family Amid Busy Class Schedules

Students have become exceedingly distant with their family members despite staying at home for two years straight. We thought that the pandemic will bring families closer together because they spend more time together. To what extent do you think that is true? If you look closely, every member of the family is extremely busy despite being under the same roof. The parents are hard at work because work from home is going on in full swing. Students are attending online classes, whether it is a kindergartener, high schooler, or university student.

Online teaching through mobile is also very popular, therefore students can now conveniently access the classes anytime and anywhere. This means that even though they have gone out for a vacation, they can continue attending the online classes as usual. The difference is that they won’t pay much attention, and might be present for attendance’s sake only. but the problem arises when families are unable to connect, even though they plan to have a fun time and vacation time together.

Are some reasons why your family relationships might be affected;

  • Not every member has the initiative to come together and interact holy, forgetting all the work and assignments remaining.
  • Busy work schedules and online classes app commitments for parents and students both.
  • The lack of time. After fixing everything around the house, completing the course, and having educational or work commitments, no one has enough time to sit together. Sometimes they prefer to eat in front of their desks because of online teaching through mobile.
  • The combination of stress, worry, poor sleep schedule and constant exhaustion lead to family members spending lesser quality time.

Online classes are not to blame

You might think that if schools were still open, and colleges accepting allocations for students in the dorm rooms, they would have a better relationship with not only their parents but also other classmates and teachers. Although this might be the case a lot of times, the complete omission of the online classes app in a household will not fix the problem.

Growing up, students have to learn to cope with their environment better. Since they have been attending offline classes forever, they have learned to cope with it and find enough time to interact with their family, study, and have hobby sessions once in a while. The same goes for parents, they are used to working either a nine to five job or any job with time constraints, making allocations to get household work done or assigning it to someone else altogether.

During the pandemic, all of this had changed. Students were tackling online classes for the first time, and it takes more than two years to get in a constant routine of being present in classes and family discussions. Parents too might not feel up to it most of the time, because their eyes are strained and they no longer want to remain awake having personal conversations with every other family member.

  • Synchronize

The first step to having quality time is allowing free time to synchronize. If your classes get over at 5:00 p.m., and your parents don’t get to leave their work desk earlier than 9 at night, you might want to change lengthy plans from weekdays to weekends.

  • Watch a movie

Preferably an animated movie. If you cannot come on equal grounds with your parents about a movie, instead of not watching anything at all, try to watch something funny. An animated movie has all the aspects to make everyone feel closer, reminding you as well as your parents of the quality time everyone spent during weekends when you all were children.

If there is a legendary family movie your family likes to watch once in a while, don’t be afraid to play it. There is nothing as good as repetitive good content! No space for disappointment, and everyone already knows what’s going to happen. Sometimes you would not want to be surprised about the plot than watching a movie, especially when everyone is tired after a long day of work and study sessions.

  • Don’t stress quality time

Just because everyone had planned something initially, does not mean it has to take place in case something important comes up urgently and unannounced. Don’t feel guilty yourself, and don’t allow your parents to feel the same. Quality time should come with a flow, and not forcibly.

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