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This article offers a brief overview of the website Speedrun.com Subway Surfers and informs users of details about the website.

Are you aware of the website that allows you to look up the scores of active players in Subway Surfers? Are you interested in knowing who is on the top of the list in BrazilPortugal and the United States? If you’re a frequent player on Subway Surfers and want to learn how to score better in the game this article is the best for you. We will look at what we know about Speedrun.com Subway Surfers and give you a look at the top players on the list.

What exactly is Speedrun.com?

Speedrun.com is an internet site that focuses on keeping track of the scores of subway players, along with the time that they complete the race. In the website’s official version, players will find the name of the participant as well as their country’s name and the platform where they scored their score.

There are a variety of categories and options on the site, such as the absence of hoverboards/keys, keys and keysthat reveal the highest scores for different situations. Let’s determine who is the highest scorer in the game.

Which is the highest scorer in Speedrun.com Subway Surfers ?

Subway surfers has become a renowned game in the world, with millions of players growing daily. But, every game has a champion, and If we examine the winner for Subway Surfer, here are the list we came across.

  • Andrenevess is the leading scorer who won the match in just 6 hours, 44 seconds, and 433 milliseconds. He played the game on an Android device and you can view his game on the official site.
  • In the Section with no key the most successful participant has been ImLegend from Brazil who won the race in 18 minutes and 57 secs using an Android device that has gameplay described as a result on Speedrun.com Subway Surfers.
  • Another time, Andrenevss topped the game in the Keys section, winning by 21:00 and 56 secs.

Remember that the list of contenders is always changing because everyone wants to be the best which is what makes them invest money in subway surfers to compete with the best.

The other features that are available to Speerun.com

On the website, aside of being the highest scorer in the game called subway surfers You can also enjoy diverse benefits and features such as:

  • Tips for earning more coins while playing.
  • Take a look at the playstyle of some of the best players in the world and find out how they manage the characters.
  • Stats for the regular game are available on Speedrun.com Subway Surfers This includes a variety of people currently playing the game moment , along with the fans.
  • When you sign up at speedrun.com You will be able to access all the assistance available on the site and receive regular updates about subway users.

How do I Download Speedrun Mod?

If you’d like to install the Speedrun Mod you must select an official link and click the download button. Once you have done that, the game will begin downloading on your device. Click install then start the game.

Last Words

Subway Surfers is among the most popular smartphone games and is available for quite a while. So, Speedrun.com Subway Surfers provides a more refined version of the game. It helps you get to the top of the pile and become an edge over other players.

What’s your top score in the game? Share the answer you have with us.

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