Spadtox Reviews {Dec} Check If It Is Legit Or A Scam Website?

It is essential to read this post, Spadtox Reviews for more information about the real truth behind the site. Read this article until the very end, and do not get caught in a fraud.

Spa treatments are calm and relaxing, but yet, they are expensive as well. Therefore, going to the spa frequently for everyone isn’t feasible. Many people are seeking methods that are safe and efficient to improve their health, and therefore are willing to buy spa items on the internet.

Spa comforts are simple since many websites sell spa-related products online. Here we are with one such website, Spadtox. We’ll take a look Spadtox Reviews on this post that has caught the attention throughout Canada and across the United States.

About Spadtox Website:

Spadtox can be described as an internet store that focuses on one SpaDtox Foot Detox Massager product. There are two models, one that come with tubs as well as without to pick between based on your preference. The site provides free delivery and promises that it will deliver within the timeframe promised.

It is an Ionic detox foot spa that is a breakthrough in technology, as per the site specifics. 30 minutes of massage daily is enough. The discounts on products are suspicious in addition, there’s Spadtox Reviews on the website.

The site states this foot-massage device works the best way to ease feet pain, boost the amount of energy you have, eliminate impurities, improve the immune system, aid with sleep disorders, and extract oils, toxins and fats, and eliminate cell debris. The price is inexpensive, given the 50% discount on the price.

Check the Specifications:

  • Site Type The website deals only with one item, and the tub can be used in lieu.
  • Email:
  • Payment Methods: American Express, Discover, PayPal, McAfee Secure, Master Card.
  • Contact Information: Not provided
  • Contact number: It is not available, but it is mentioned that the operating hours are 10 AM – 5 pm
  • Products Cost: Dollars.
  • Site URL
  • Spadtox Review Available on the web site
  • Shipping: No shipping duration mentioned. Free shipping at no cost.
  • The return and refund policy is There is no return or refund are mentioned on the website.
  • Social Media None of the accounts have been identified.

There are also positive reviews on the site. However, before you talk about online reviews, you should consider the pros and negatives.


  • Valid HTTPS connection discovered.
  • The email ID is listed, that matches the domain’s name.
  • 50 percent discount on a purchase.
  • Secure payment method.
  • Free shipping.


  • The score of business trust for the website is very low with only 58.8.
  • There is no Social media profile.
  • There are no company details.
  • False Spadtox reviews on the website.
  • No contact number or address. number.
  • Gmail ID appears to be an unpaid domain email.
  • Content is copied from other sources.
  • New site.
  • No return, shipping or refund information is provided.
  • A mere 1% trust score.

Is Hanger Boutique Legit?

After examining what are the benefits and drawbacks you may be wondering: is the website legitimate or fraud? Let’s look at the legitimacy factors.

  • Site Age The site was launched on November 16, 2021. Therefore, it is just six month older.
  • trust score: The trust score for business has a score is 58.8 while the score for trust is quite poor, just one percent.
  • Social Media Social media: No social media presence. This is a negative signal.
  • Reviews The site has solely reviews that are positive Spadtox reviews on the site with a five-star rating.
  • Contact Information Contact Details: There is no contact number and the phone number is suspect.
  • Alexa position: Ranked low #2,927,192, is based on the amount of traffic that was engaged during the last 90 days.
  • High Quality Content Copy of content, and spelling mistakes.
  • Data about the company: There is no owner’s name or year for establishment.
  • Email ID: Free domain email ID that cannot be trusted.
  • The return and refund policy is not mentioned. There is no return or refund policy is stated and there isn’t any time frame for shipping.

After examining the points, your questions are answered. However, before you can make a final decision we must know first about the reviews of the website.

Spadtox Reviews:

Reviews from customers make a site entirely authentic as they provide feedback on the experiences. We were unsure about the reviews on the website since all reviews are

Positive, with positive rating of five stars. The customer’s ID is not verified, and the authentic Id of customers is not there.

After a thorough investigation and analysis, we could not find one single review of a customer on the internet. There aren’t any genuine reviews since the website is brand new, and the site was registered for just one year. Be alert! This could be the result of an internal review system.


After a thorough investigation of Spadtox Reviews After a thorough investigation on Spadtox Reviews, we have concluded that the website is fraudulent and the product is a fake since we’ve not seen this product on another website. Therefore, be careful when purchasing from this site as well always verify the legitimacy checkpoints.

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