Space Station Gorilla Suit (January 2022) Read The Story About?

The guide details the viral video that tells how the Space Station Gorilla Suit story.

A viral video is trending today in which an alien Ape is seen running after astronauts inside Space Station International Space Station. It’s an old footage of a cleverly-planned prank inside the ISS. Based on reports from NASA, astronauts stole an entire gorilla suit the year 2016 at the International Space Station.

The footage was recorded in 2016, however it became viral in recent times. Scott Kelly appeared in the gorilla suit while orbiting the Earth in 2016 after Scott’s brother and Scott came together to purchase the full-size Space Station Gorilla Suit during their space expedition.

A lot of people from Canada, the United States, Canada as well as the United Kingdom browse on the internet for more information.

What was the date that the Gorilla Suit Incident Happen?

The incident with the gorilla suit occurred during the time Scott Kelly, the International Space Station Expeditions 26 45, 46 and 26 was on his mission to space. The incident occurred on ISS mission 46 which began on the 11th of December 2015 at the time of the incident.

As the space mission was about to close when the mission was about to end, twin brothers Mark Kelly shared the care package in 2016 to Gorilla Suit International Space Station.

Being a retired astronaut He is familiar with the loneliness that astronauts experience in space. Therefore, to spice things up the author decides to come up with something funny.

Who Was Wearing the Gorilla Suit?

The viral video sparked a lot of attention to the space story. The tweet however has an incorrect storyline regarding goingrillas and their suits.

The tweet claims the tweet claims that Mark Kelly smuggled the gorilla suit to the ISS without notifying anyone the ISS, and then one day he put on the suit to play jokes on fellow astronauts. But sources have confirmed that Mark Kelly’s identical twin brother Scott Kelly wore the suit.

What was the reaction of people to the Space Station Gorilla Suit Story?

Spence Todd posted the video on his Twitter account. After the video went live the internet was abuzz with discussion and discussing the story of the gorilla suit. There were numerous comments and tweets on discussion forums.

It is shocking to see at how astronauts could pull off the prank on space on the International Space Station and how the gorilla suit is discarded at the ISS. The people who are aware of the incident have also confirm this Gorilla suit International Space Station report is not new according to reports from 2016.

There are also people who have verified that the identical twins Scott Kelly committed the prank and not Mark Kelly. The video was made in the past however, it became popular after the filmmaker shared it on Twitter.

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A viral video is trending today in which an astronaut is shown wearing a large-sized gorilla suit that was smuggled into the ISS in the year 2016. The video of Space Station Gorilla Suit is not brand new and was made in the year 2016. However, a filmmaker named Todd released it just recently and then it went viral and became a hit among his followers.

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