Sonni Pacheco Instagram: Read Net Worth?

This article is on Sonni’s Instagram and details Jeremy Renner’s ex-spouse as well as why she’s been trending lately.

Are you familiar with Sonni Pacheco? What happened to Avengers Star Jeremy Renner, you ask? What is the relationship between Renner and Pacheco? To understand the relationship, you must read carefully.

People are searching the Instagram account of Sonni Pacheco all over the world. Follow this article to learn more about Sonni Pacheco and her ex-wife, Jeremy Renner.

What is She Popular Recently?

Sonni Pacheco can be described as a model, a sculptor and a realtor. She is the ex-wife of actor Jeremy Renner. After the news about Jeremy Renner’s tragic death, she became a trending topic on the internet. People began to search more about Pacheco and their brief-lived marriage.

Renner and Pacheco were married in January 2014. They divorced in December 2015. Ava Berlin Renner is their daughter. Ava was born at 25 years old when she gave birth in 2013. Sonni is an Instagram user, where she mostly shares her sculpture work.

Details on Jeremy’s Accident

Jeremy Renner was plowing snow in Nevada on Sunday when he suffered a serious accident. Renner was seriously hurt in what seems to have been a tragic accident and was taken to hospital. Renner was in critical condition, even though his doctor did not consider the injury life-threatening. Fans have been flooding social media with messages of support and good wishes for Renner.

Net Worth and Other Personal Details of Sonni

Pacheco was a part of the film The Wingman, and also appeared in American Pie. She is also a model and has been promoting Monster Energy drink for many years. She is also an accomplished sculptor, and she also works as a Realtor. According to her Instagram, she is currently pregnant with a second child together with Nate Thompson.

Although she is from Vancouver, Canada her birth date was not listed anywhere. According to her IMDB page, she was 25 when she gave birth in 2013, which would mean she would have been around 35 years old. She does not have a Wikipedia page. Her net worth, as with other websites, is 2 to 4 millions dollars.


This article will discuss Sonni Pacheco, Jeremy Renner’s ex-wife and provide her details. Jeremy was involved in a snow-plow incident on Sunday. Although he was badly hurt, his condition is now stable. Click here to learn more about Sonni Pacheco.

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