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Do you know the event that led to the launch of If not, then take a look at this post attentively in order to find out more connected strings regarding the topic.

Have you come across a funny site that is gaining a lot of attention lately? If you’re unsure about the site we’ve compiled this article. Please read it carefully.

Websites were created to offer useful services to others. But, many web-savvy users are from ItalyCanada as well as those from the United States are talking about a website created following an last Academy Awards function. In this article we’ll look at and its growing popularity in the internet world. Additionally, our research revealed that internet users are asking questions about the site owned by Scroll down for more information that is authentic.

Information About the News

After we disclosed the URLs, we noticed that on the Sunday of the Academy Award ceremony, an incident transpired that led to the formation of The website is designed to let users participate in the same event that took place at the event.

Therefore, we will inform the details of the website and developer’s name in the next sections. Therefore, if you’d like to know more about and appreciate the site, go through this article thoroughly.

What is

The discussion threads mentioned that this game lets us punch Chris Rock, an American comedian. In addition it is a game where you’ll see the hand and Chris Emoji. In order to win, you must move the hand to Chris’s Emoji. Additionally, the website also shows the speed of slap and lets players post and share the game on social media sites.

You might be surprised to know that the site’s creator has picked a comedian. We’ll get into the matter in the near future, but first, let’s look into the people who came across this site in the text below.

Who created The Portal?

Based on the Slapchrisrock com hint, we found out it was Tyler Hamilton had discovered the website. In the next paragraph, we will reveal the circumstances that led to Tyler is the one who created this website.

What was the event that made the site What Happened to Make The Website

The sources revealed the fact that Chris humorously made an ode to Will Smith’s wife while at the awards show. Shortly after an actor appeared on the stage and hit the comedian. The incident caused a stir all over the Internet and led to Tyler the idea of creating the website.

But, later, Will apologized to Chris via Instagram. The link to stated that he had written that his decision was not appropriate. In addition, he expressed his sadness to Academy Awards and other members.

It’s now time to analyze the reactions of the public towards the site, therefore let’s swiftly move on to the next paragraph.

What Are the Netizens Reacting?

On Reddit the majority of users have liked the website and have commented that it’s fun to play. Some have also posted their scores with beautiful comments. But, some players have linked it to other games.

The Conclusion Thoughts

In this article we’ve discussed the concept of as well as provided the link to the website where users can make fun of Chris Rock. If you want to give it a go, visit the website. On Reddit the users have been raving about the portal.

Have you played the game? Please share your comments in the box.

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