Showmemoney Scam Information about the fraud:

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There are many properties that are not claimed located in Missouri. In the final quarter of the year, Missouri government returned $600K in unclaimed property funds to people who had applied for unemployment. This proved to the public that the procedure for submitting a claim to the property is legitimate.

Are you a resident in the United States who is looking to file claims? Check out this write-up on the scam known as Showmemoney.

Information about the fraud:

On the official website of the Missouri State Treasurer (, has a reference link. When you go to this Missouri State Treasurer website, it directs you to to search for unclaimed property.

The state treasurer’s website appears authentic. It is however, may involve a fraud! The news first came into scene in 2020 after an elderly man from Ozark accessing and was directed to

After filing a claim the person received a call at 1(800)875-7320 at support.

Tips on Showmemoney Scam: scam known as the Showmemoney Scam :

They described the process of the claim, and instructed the elderly person to settle for $34.95. The man gave his credit card information. said that BBB has backed them and it is an authentic company. But, BBB does not recognize the company as a legitimate service.

It is important to note that the treasurer’s department does not charge any fees to file claims. Therefore the daughter of the old man was suspicious of a scam and filed a dispute with the credit card company. They was able to reverse the charges.

Legality from has a SANs certification which allows protection for multiple host names within one certificate. Other official government websites have endorsed Thus, the news regarding the scam known as Showmemoney are just rumours. has a gratifying trust score of 86 and an 75.7 percentage business ranking with the site has a 0% Alexa rank and an extremely low 7% distrust score. The site is not on the blacklist. has a secured HTTPS connection. The IP is registered with an SSL certificate that will last for 124 days.


The company that owns is Missouri State Treasurer in turn, Rayan Ferrell manages the website. The registered contact number is 1(573)751-8771, and the email is has been in existence beginning on 4th June 2001 and ends on June 4, 2025. Because they accept money for making a claim The website is accused of scams. But, this Showmemoney scam claims are false. This is why is only recommended to people who are experienced on the internet.

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