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Shaquille Robinson, a Charlotte-based businesswoman, was a success story. The United States received the news about her death. The 25-year old woman had to accept death after she traveled to Mexico. Her best friend and she were also found dead in Mexico. Khalil Cooke was her best friend. Five other people were also killed, including two of them. Shaquille Robins Death Charlotte NC has raised many questions.

Shaquille Robin Cause of Death

Until now, no cause of death has been identified. Online, Robinson was filmed being beaten up by her friends. According to the autopsy report, Robinson had a fractured neck.


It is not possible to find the link to Shaquille’s beating video from any source.

  • Shaquille Robinson Instagram

Shaquille has 11.1K fans and follows 5,064 via her account. She only posted 6 posts. Her username is it. Quella.

  • Shaquille Robinson Twitter

Shaquille has 8 Twitter followers and is currently following 10. However, there were no posts related to any topic on her Twitter account.

  • Shaquille Robinson Facebook

Shaquille’s Facebook page has 29 followers, although there isn’t any information about her death on Facebook or Wikipedia. The Facebook page contains photos of Shaquille’s casual and traveling photos.

Shaquille Robin Educational Qualification (College. School), Career, and Early Life

Shaquille Robinson has no educational qualifications. There is not even information about her college or school. It is not clear if she ever received formal education. She was a successful entrepreneur. Her business of braiding hair is what she is most well-known for.

Salamandra is Shaquille’s mother. Shaquille was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. We don’t have any information on her father.

Shaquille’s Birth Date and Age

Although Shaquille’s birth date isn’t mentioned anywhere, it was found that she is only 25.

About Girlfriend or Boyfriend

It was discovered that Shaquille traveled to Mexico with only her best friend. No information has been provided about any romantic partners. She had not previously posted any information on her social media accounts about her romantic partner.

Social Media Links


Everyone was stunned by the mysterious death of Shaquille. Charlotte has been shaken by the sudden death of Shaquille. Visit the Instagram link to learn more.

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