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This article contains information about Shalm definition, to assist readers in understanding the meaning of the word used to describe an instrument that was created during the medieval period.

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What is Shalm?

Shalm, another name for Shawn, is either Shawn’s variant spelling or a British English phrase. It is a woodwind instrument that was well-known in the Renaissance and Medieval periods.

Shawn and Shalm are not different words. They have the same meanings. Do you want to know the definition of Shalm. Scroll down to find out what Shalm is.


Shawn, or Shalm, a medieval type of oboe is a flaring bell with a conical bore that’s blown by two reeds.

What’s the history of Shawn or Shalm?

Shawn, or Shalm, a woodwind instrument was created in Europe in the 12th century. It eventually outperformed classical music’s oboe-family.

It is most likely that it was brought from Eastern Mediterranean to Western Europe during Crusades. The Byzantine had dual-reed instruments, including the American duduk and Persian sorna. To learn more about the instrument, you can also explore Shalm Description

These were the same as Shalm and Shawn, but for a longer period of time in East or Southern Europe.

When did Shawn or Sham’s name first appear?

The name Shawn (also known as Shalm) first appeared in English in the 14th Century. Its corresponding variants are:

  • Schalmesse oder Sc(h)almuse
  • Schallemele (shamble, shamulle).
  • S(c)halmys (chalemyes, shalemeyes).

These variants are derived from identical Old French variants, including chalemeaus (chamel’s plural), and chalemie.

Each variant was derived form calamellus (Vulgar Latin’s diminutive form or the reed) ( Shalm Description).

What does Shawn mean in different languages?

Shawn is also known as Schalmei (German) and many folk Shawns were used as traditional instruments in various European countries with similar names such as chirima and Leonese dulzaina.

Claramella, cennamella or cialamello, are all Italian Shawns. Charamela, meanwhile, is a Portuguese instrument.

It is possible that the phrase was derived from Egypt’s traditional oboe and Arabic salami, but it is also possible that the Shawn from Europe evolved from similar instruments.


Shawn, or Shalm, is an instrument that can only be used outside, while several other instruments could be used indoors.

What is Shalm Definition? The capsule protects the double-reed woodwind instrument by encasing it. This softens the tone but prevents any dynamic changes. You can find more information about the definition for Shalm here.

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