Severino Reyes Works (February 2022) Conclusion About His Works Here!

The article discusses Severino Reyes Works and provides additional details about him.

Are you wondering about the latest Doodle by Google this morning? If you’re a lover of literature, then you’ll be aware of Severino Reyes. Google has honored the popular writer of in the Philippines. Through his entire life He has published a variety of literary works. Some of his stories were published in Liwayway Magazine, co-founded by the writer in 1922.

This article offers the complete picture of Severino Reyes’s works and provides more details about his life and work. So, read through the entire article to the end to learn more about his work.

Overview of Severino Reyes

Severino Reyes who was born Severino Reyes and Rivera was born on the 11th of February 1861. His birthplace was Manila and was the capital of the General Commando of the Philippines. In addition as an Filipino creator, he directed a variety of plays as playwright. One of the main types of writing that he wrote on a large scale was plays.

In the next sections in the coming sections, we will provide more details on who is Severino Reyes and the reason Google has kept his doodle. Continue reading below.

More Information On Severino Reyes

  • According to the information from sources Reyes got married to Maria Paz whom he was a friend from childhood, and had 17 kids.
  • He was proficient with Spanish in addition to Tagalog. In addition, he was able to speak other languages like Latin, Hebrew, Greek and so on.
  • Severino Reyes is most well-known for writing a book titled “Mga Kuwento ni Lila Basyang,” which literally translates to Tales of Lola Basyang.
  • It also contained stories told by an old woman named Lola Basyang.
  • He is known as the father of Filipino Plays.

Severino Reyes Works

Severino Reyes wrote a majority of his novels using the pseudonym Lola Basyang and was nicknamed Don Binoy. Playwrights, his most famous work is Mga Kuwento ni Basyang. In addition the stories, many of them were written for Liwayway Magazine that was co-founded by him on November 18th, 1922.

From there, he would be one of The Magazine’s highly read prose writers for feature stories. Another well-known work by Severino that was the play Walng Sugat, which literary means No Wounds, dedicated to the local army of the revolutionaries.

More information on Who’s Severino Reyes and his most notable works include:

  • Ang Tunay na Hukom
  • Ang Halik ni Hudas
  • Ang Bagong Fausto
  • I.P. (Requiescat in Pace)
  • Alamat ng Lamok
  • Filotea o Ang Pag-aasawa ni San Pedro
  • Kalye Pogi

Additionally, he’s released a variety of notable publications that received lots of acclaim.

Final Conclusive

Also known as the father of Filipino Plays, google has named 11 February 2022 the Day of Filipino Plays to him, also his birthday, and added an image of him on the search engine’s page. He passed away on September 15th, 1942, suffering from Parkinson’s disease during World War 2.

Do you wish to know on Severino Reyes Works? Have you been able to read any of the books written by Severino Reyes? If yes, please submit your comments and thoughts in the comment section below.

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