Ser Criston Cole Death Why did Ser Criston kill Joffrey?

This post on Se Criston Cole Death will provide all the facts and figures necessary to understand the end of House of dragons.

Have you seen House of the Dragon yet? Are you still unsure about the House of the Dragon ending? Many viewers have been confused by the House of the Dragon’s ending. Many people from Worldwide have questions about the series. For more information about the web series, read this post Ser Criston Lee Death.

What happened in episode 5 of the House of the Dragons to Ser Criston Cole?

Every one who watched the House of the Dragon finale was stunned. All were stunned by the suicide attempt of Ser Criston Cole. Episode 5 shows Ser Criston Cole attempting to kill himself by stabbing his stomach. Alicent arrives in Hightower green at the last minute and says nothing other than his name. We couldn’t understand what Alicent said next after that. This is a clear indication that Ser Criston is more likely to switch sides.

Why did Ser Criston kill Joffrey?

A shocking fact in the series is Ser Criston’s decision to kill Ser Joffrey Lonmouth. Rhaenyra was the reason he literally killed Ser Joffrey Lonmouth. Ser Joffrey was about to marry Rhaenyra. Ser Criston liked Rhaenyra too, but when he tried to express his feelings to her, he was turned down by Rhaenyra who said that she could not lose her crown and that she had other duties than playing in a love game. Ser Criston felt betrayed when Rhaenyra spent the night with Ser Criston. Continue reading to learn more about What Happens To Ser Criston Cole. According to sources, the worst thing about all this is Rhaenyra admitting to Ser Criston that she can still have sex with him, even though she is married. Ser Criston was disgusted and betrayed and decided to kill Rhaenyra, the soon-to-be bride.

What happened to Ser Joffrey Loonmouth’s death?

Many people might wonder if Ser Joffrey actually died. Yes, it is true. But what happened to Criston Colley after he killed Ser Joffrey. Alicent said that Ser Criston Cole was still alive. Continue reading Ser Criston and Alicent. He begged Alicent for his death because he was so filled with guilt and regret. The conversation between Alicent, Ser Joffrey and the other was kept secret. It is unclear what will happen next. Sources say that Alicent was shocked when Ser Criston Cole revealed the truth about Rhaenyra’s sleep with him.


We can see that Ser Criston attempted to commit suicide due to the guilt and feeling of betrayal from Rhaenyra. It was a stunning ending, as was the mystery surrounding Who Killed Serge Criston Cole. This page contains more information about the ending of the House of the Dragon.

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