Seattle West Bridge Closure Information on the Reopening of West Seattle Bridge:

This article contains details about the Seattle West Bridge Closure as well as additional information on the reopening of the Seattle Bridge.

Did you hear about the reopening the West Seattle Bridge? Are you aware of the date when the Bridge was shut down? This article will give you all the details. After 2.5 years, the West Seattle Bridge was finally opened. The United States has made the news of the Bridge’s reopening viral.

This blog will provide information about the Seattle West Bridge Closure and details on the reopening. You can follow the blog below.

Information on the Reopening of West Seattle Bridge:

After 2.5 years, the West Seattle Bridge is now open for traffic. According to reports, officials closed the Bridge after they noticed cracks in 2020. After completing repairs, the Bridge was reopened after a 2.5-year wait.

Sources claim that the Bridge was finally opened for public viewing on Saturday night after 2.5 years of waiting. The Bridge was supposed to open on Sunday after a lengthy Seattle West Bridge Closure. The SODT however decided to open it on Saturday night. The Bridge opened at 9:15 p.m. Below are more details about the Bridge’s reopening.

More details about the closure of West Seattle Bridge:

Many photos and videos were shared on social media by the public following the recent reopening the West Seattle Bridge. According to reports, Saturday night’s reopening took place at 9:15 p.m. After 2.5 years of Seattle West Bridge Closure, the SODT has reopened West Seattle Bridge.

According to sources, cracks were discovered on the Bridge and the Bridge was shut down. As they rode down West Seattle Bridge, people were seen honking and cheering. Many officials and dignitaries paid a visit to the Bridge after the reopening. It is believed that several King County Metro buses will be moving through this area from now on.

The Bridge supports 60 miles of steel cables that run 60 miles. The Bridge was also reopened after safety and inspection tests were performed by the crews.

Seattle West Bridge Closure

Due to cracks in the Bridge, Seattle West Bridge was shut down on March 2020. After many repairs and inspections, however, the Bridge was reopened to the public on Saturday at 9:15 pm. Many people share images and videos on social media of the Bridge’s reopening.


After 2.5 years, the Seattle West Bridge reopened. People are happy about it. This article contains all the information. This link will take you to for more information about the Seattle Bridge’s reopening.

This article contains details about the reopening of the Seattle West Bridge and more details about the Seattle West Bridge Closure.

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