Screwfix Fathers Day Scam {June} Must Read It & Always Beware!

The post discusses the Screwfix Fathers Day Scam and gives other important information about the scam.

Are you excited about father’s day , which occurs in the 3rd Sunday in June each year? Numerous scammers are ready to take your money in the excitement of lavishing your dad with gifts and love.

The internet is a place for consumers to purchase and also for scammers to test their method of operation. A case of this kind is trending in all of the United Kingdom named the Screwfix Fathers Day scam and we’ll be discussing in this article. Keep reading.

What is the father’s Day scam?

There’s been a specific scam being reported within the United Kingdom. The father’s day-themed text was sent via WhatsApp to users under the basis of father’s day giveaways. According to the sources, the text speaks about a fake contest which offers free coolers of Heineken. It’s being distributed via WhatsApp.

Therefore, cautions against clicking on links posted via the messaging platform are being shared on the web. In the next segment, we’ll discuss more on the Screwfix Dewalt giveaway as well as other details.

More details about the fraud

  • A WhatsApp message is being circulated all over the web.
  • In this post, users have shared an article that promises an opportunity to win Heinekens for free.
  • However, a cautionary message is being given to users not to click on any hyperlink.
  • According to the sources, the fraud is to entice users with phishing emails that steals data that is related to personal and account data , and use it for malicious purposes.
  • In addition, the same modeus employs to trick users to sign up for unwelcome services.

Screwfix Father’s Day Scam What’s the latest news?

The message promises 5 000 free coolers. In addition, the message contains a link users are required to click. In this case, those by clicking the link, are directed to an untrue website.

The information which is provided on the phishing site is utilized by fraudsters to steal information. In addition, it was verified by Heineken to never follow any hyperlink that appears as suspicious. The company has no campaign for the Screwfix’s Dewalt Contest. We suggest that people do not click on any link or forward messages for giveaways that contain untrustworthy links to protect themselves from fraud.

Final Conclusion

Numerous giveaways and offers are offered online for Father’s Day holiday, which allows participants to win thrilling prizes and discount. But, it has also attracted many scammers to profit from the possibility of hacking into the user’s details and then making use of it to carry the perpetration of malicious actions.

This article should provide sufficient details about the fraud and ways to be protected from being a victim of the scammers at Screwfix. Fathers Day ScamDo read this article to be aware.

Have you, too received any fraudulent messages through your messaging application? Share your experience and opinions in the comment section below.

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