Salary Lisa Laflamme {August 2022} Check Why Is She Leaving?

This article about Salary Lisa Laflamme will tell you more about Lisa and explain why she is so popular.

Did you know Lisa LaFlamme is leaving CTV as a veteran journalist? CTV cancelled Lisa’s contract after 35 years of service. This means we will no longer be able watch our beloved anchor on TV. She is a well-known figure in Canada and has interviewed everyone from Prince Harry to Bill Clinton.

We are aware that her followers were devastated by this news and have collected some facts to answer their curiosity. Continue reading the Salary Lisa Laflamme post, where we’ll be discussing some lesser-known facts regarding Lisa LaFlamme.

Lisa’s Professional Life

Lisa started her career as an assistant editor and then worked for CTV as a national affairs reporter for ten years. In 2003, however, she became Liyod’s backup anchor pick. In 2011, she began presenting National News on CTV. She received a $350,000 salary per year.

After a long and successful career at CTV she decided to quit the network. She shared this shocking news via social media.

Lisa Laflamme Net Worth 2022 stated thather annual salary at CTV was $350,000 .

Lisa’s announcement that she was leaving CTV has caused heartbreak among her fans. Internet users have started to trend Lisa as a topic to watch for her latest video.

Nominations and Honours

Lisa has enjoyed a long and successful career in journalism, receiving many accolades and honours for her accomplishments. Five times she was nominated in the Best News Anchor category. In March 2014, Lisa received the prestigious Galaxi Award from the Canadian Cable Television Association. She was recently awarded the Canadian Screen Awards’ Best National Newscaster.

Lisa Laflamme Husband Net Worth

Sources say Lisa earned $350,000 annually. Lisa also covered important events such as the Olympics and other major ones, increasing her net worth to $1.5 million.

If we talk about her love life, it is clear that she is single and unmarried. There was also a rumour that Sen McCormick and Lisa were engaged. Lisa shared the photo of her engagement ring on social media. She later deleted it and also denied these rumours.

Are you still with us? We’ve only touched on the most important details of Lisa’s childhood. Continue reading Salary Lisa Laflamme for more information about Lisa’s early years.

Lisa LaFlamme in her early years

Lisa, who was born in Canada with her three sisters, was bright academically and attended St. Mary High School. She enrolled at the University of Ottawa to complete her degree.


We’ve finished this post by talking about Lisa Laflamme, TV anchor and well-known celebrity, as well as her current trending topics, her interesting biography, her net worth, and other fascinating facts.

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