Ryerson Toronto Metropolitan University {April} Re-Named Why

This article discusses the recent controversy that has led to the renaming of Ryerson Toronto Metropolitan University. Keep an eye on our blog for the latest information from around the world.

Dear readers, in this post, we’re going to look at Toronto University which has recently changed its name. Dear readers, have you heard of Toronto Metropolitan University and the Ryerson Toronto Metropolitan University controversy, that was named after Egerton Ryerson?

Ryerson University has changed its name to Toronto University. According to various sources, the rebranding will eliminate the direct link to the person who established the foundations of this school of residence within Canada. The decision to vote on changing the school’s name was proposed on August 20, 2021, through members of the Board of directors of the University.

Who is Ryerson? –

Egerton Ryerson was an Canadian educator as well as a Methodist Minister. He was also one of the principal designers of the public or residential school system. The university was named in honor of Ryerson’s last name.

Reason for Ryerson University Name Change 

The primary reasons for changing the name of the university are truth and Reconciliation. The Standing Strong Task Force of the university that the previous name has erased the heritage of Toronto. This was due to a number of controversy and the SSFT’s 22 recommendations.

Brief History of Name Change –

On the 25th of April 2022, the university’s President and Vice-Chancellor Mohamed Lachemi, announced that they had to adhere to the guidelines of the SSFT when they announce an entirely new name for the university. The Board wanted a neutral and secular name for the newly named Ryerson Toronto Metropolitan University.

The primary issue was that the university name is associated with the person who founded public schools. The reason for this was that the recommendation was accepted to grant a no-cost status free of any personal and political name. The president stated that there is no suitable name for the Ryerson University than the Toronto Metropolitan University.

The University is located situated in Toronto This way it is a part of the past, and other recommendations of Boards will be a success. The staff and professors of the University have signed the letter of name change. The new logo for Ryerson Toronto Metropolitan University was announced via its Twitter account. The report says that the new name symbolizes Unity and the word ‘Metropilotican’ is appropriate for the downtown campus of the college.


Q.1 Which is the brand new name for this University?

A.1It is TM within the Blue Block, which connects to the Yellow Block with Letter U within the Block.

Q.2 What was the situation within the University which led the board to make this decision?

A.2 A statue of Egetren was toppled in the University in 2021. It was the Board Member decided to eliminate any ruckus that was causing trouble on the campus. They came at this decision.

The Final Verdict –

The University officials took this action to eliminate any controversy relating to the Ryerson. The decision was made in good faith as per SSFT Recommendation. To learn more about Ryerson’s Toronto Metropolitan University go to TMU their official site.

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