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Are you excited to discover the most recent information regarding tickets for presale at You must read this post until the very final page to find out more.

Do you enjoy listening to music? What would you think if we told you about a concert which will take place this year? Please read this article.

Music is an important factor that heals our inner injuries or allows us to have fun at a certain event. Furthermore, numerous music festivals are held throughout the world to celebrate the amazing music. In recent days, for instance, within the United States, the news of a festival is drawing attention on the internet.

So, in this composition, we will bring out a few crucial points of that event by visiting Rootspicnic com, which is redirecting to the URL –

What is a The Roots Picnic?

After doing some research, we discovered that the event was held on June 7 the year 2008. Based on the research, it’s an occasion that’s well-known across the world and is a product of The Roots, a hip-hop group.

Additionally, it was co-founded in the year 2000 by Shawn Gee, and The Roots manager is also the event’s producer. Typically, the festival is only for one day, however this year, the event ran to two consecutive days. Therefore, let’s find new clues to the event in the next section.

More Rootspicnic 2022

Our research revealed that this year’s event will be extended to 2 days i.e. on the 5th and 4th of June 2022 at 1pm in the form of a collage that is black cultural. In addition, the event featured celebrities who were named on February 15th 2022. Additionally, the venue for the event can be found at The Mann in Fairmount Park.

How to Buy Tickets?

On February 15th 2022, we spotted that the company had announced the presale ticket for the event at 10 AM at a time ET. They had an exclusive code RPALUMNI. But, you can go to their official site, i.e., and select the appropriate plan from the following options:

  • 2 Day GA Tickets for $169.
  • 2 Day VIP Silver Tickets for $599.
  • Two-Day VIP Gold Tickets at $998.

Please note that we have listed the cost on the site, and that it will rise as days approach the event.

Preventive Measures

In light of those Covid instances, the organizers requested attendees to bring their full vaccine report or a negative Covid test result before they can participate in the festival. But, the festival’s management will follow the security guidelines.

We suggest that you check frequently as the latest updates on the same could be accessible at any time.

Fans” Reaction

Through its Facebook page numerous people are pleasantly surprised and eager to participate in this year’s event. In addition, one user said that the event would be fantastic because the famous people who take part in the event are an inspiration for many Philadelphian youngsters.

Similar to Instagram people are also thrilled to be a part the festival. A few users have commented that they had been eagerly awaiting its release earlier.

To Sum Up

In this post we have provided the most important details of Rootspicnic site to inform you of the latest information. Additionally, we noted that the presale for tickets began on February 15th 2022. The price is $169 at the beginning, and will rise when the date of the event gets closer.

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