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This article about Robert Lewis vs Ken will provide details about the Republican elections for the Colorado assembly in the fourth congressional district.

You are interested in political climate in the USA? Are you aware of the name of Ken Buck? Kenneth Robert Buck, also known as Ken Buck, is an American politician and lawyer. He has represented Colorado’s fourth congressional district from 2015 within the United States representative house. Previously, Ken is the District attorney for Weld County. Recently, he’s in a battle with Bob Lewis in the upcoming Republican assembly.

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The reason why it is featured in the news?

The fourth congressional district in Colorado lies in the east part in the United States. Presently, Republican Ken Buck is in charge of the district.

The republican assembly elections for the fourth congressional district in Colorado is scheduled to take place, and the result was a the surprise of Ken Buck. Bob Lewis will be his strongest opponent as the state has chosen his name. Ken Buck is a chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, and Ken Buck is running for reelection five times. Ken Buck will face an uphill battle against the well-known political activist Bob Lewis. The story regarding Robert Lewis vs Ken Buck Coloradowent everywhere across the internet.

Who is Ken Buck?

Kenneth Robert Buck was born on the 16th of February 1959. He is a politician as well as a lawyer in The United States. Ken Buck was also one of the 126 Republican members who have signed an amicus brief in December of 2020. He is also a key player in judiciary and foreign relations committees. He is also the co-founder of the Freedom from big Teck caucus.

Who is Robert Lewis?

Robert Lewis, popularly known as Bob Lewis, is running for the Republican Primary on June 28 2022. He is an agent in the real estate industry and an activist to Elbert County. He also has criticized Ken Buck in many ways.

Robert Lewis vs Ken?

They have both mentioned their goals and pledges throughout their respective campaigns. It is important to consider the main points of each candidate who are running in any election. Ken buck along with Bob Lewis have their list of priorities. Ken Buck wants to secure the borders, curb inflation in order to ease the burden on working families, and also fight against big, giant Teck corporations. Ken Buck also discussed the ways he intends to carry out these goals in an interview with the news channel.

Although Bob Lewis has said that the candidate will offer energy independence, Parental autonomy, and food independence to everyone and every one of us, the race between Robert Lewis vs Ken Buck Colorado will be exciting and interesting since no one was serious about the election following the 2010 election.


We have provided every detail and details regarding the Colorado fourth district in the congressional Republican primary electionthat will be held on June 28th 2022. Robert Lewis finished ahead of Ken Buck for the GOP primary ballot. But, Lewis also criticized Buck for being an “conspiracy conspiracy theorist.”

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