Renard Spivey Verdict on Renard’s Wife’s Murder

This post on Renard SPivey Verdict will give you details about the court’s verdict on Patricia’s death. Please read the entire post.

Renard and his wife were involved in a case. We will reveal all the important details today if you don’t know anything about this crime. The United States citizens want to know the Renard Spivey Verdict, and whether he was found guilty before the Majesty.

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Verdict on Renard’s Wife’s Murder

According to the official notice Renard was found guilty of murdering his wife, Patricia. Renard Spivey, Deputy Renard, has been arrested and sentenced. This happened in 2019, when Renard was having a dispute with Patricia over Renard’s infidelity. They fought over a gun, which led to Patricia’s death and Renard being injured.

Renard Spivey Where Are You Now?

According to reports, Renard has been accused of murdering Patricia. He is currently being held in Harris County Jail.

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There were many issues between the couple. Patricia blamed Renard’s infidelity and external marital affairs. Spivey called 911 on Sunday morning at 3:10 AM to inform them of the entire situation. Renard sustained injuries when a gunshot was fired at both of his legs. Patricia was also found dead in her bedroom’s closet. Renard’s brother in-law said that Renard and his sister had experienced marital problems. Renard and he had three conversations before the incident.

Spivey was well-known for his role as Bailiff on the TV Court. Spivey claimed that Patricia accidentally shot him in his leg. Now justice has been done.


We have summarized the post and shared details about the incident in 2019. Renard was found guilty of murdering his wife, Patricia. There is not an update as all updates from online sources are for 2019. We will inform the readers if any Renard Spivey updates have been made.

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