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This post highlights Ray Mcneil’s presence Autopsy Photos Reddit for a lot of details on his murder and crime scene photos.

Did you recognize concerning Ray Mcneil’s story? His married person was aforementioned to own killed him. individuals are observance Netflix’s “Killer Sally” from each the u.  s. of America and therefore the uk.

Reddit has been reported  to own autopsy pictures. we do not recognize something concerning Ray Mcneil Autopsy Photos Reddit. However, we are going to be news everything during this article.

Ray Mcneil’s death

Reddit doesn’t enable crime photos or autopsy. it had been noted that the post should be viewed by somebody over eighteen years previous. you may not realize any reports like that. For your convenience, you’ll additionally see the connected screenshots.

Reddit has any extra information?

Ray Mcneil’s murder is assumed to own been the results of associate degree argument that occurred on Valentine Day 1995 and led to scattergun blasts at their CA lodging.

Ray was Sally Lowden’s Husband. They were each bodybuilders UN agency served within the naval forces.

Ray McNeil life history

Ray Mcneil was born in North Carolina to a somebody aunty. when finishing his education, he joined a university so joined the United States of America USMC.

He was solely twenty nine once he died. His exercising career saw him win several championships. Ray was born to associate degree African-American family. His parents’ info don’t seem to be out there.

Quick Wikipedia

  • Full Name Ray Mcneil
  • December seventeen, 1964, was the date of my birth
  • Birthplace USA
  • Bodybuilder by trade
  • Marital Status Married
  • American status
  • Religion: Christanity
  • Death Causes Shot and Killed
  • Unknown Siblings
  • Ray Mcneil’s internet price
  • Ray Mcneil’s internet price is calculable to be $1.2million. This report shares the calculable price of Ray Mcneil’s internet price.

Ray Mcneil crime scene photos

Due to confidentiality issues, the law enforcement officials haven’t unconcealed crime scene photos. There are no reports concerning the crime scene photos.

Reddit didn’t unharness any pictures associated with Ray Mcneil’s murder. we are going to wait till a lot of info is obtainable. If photos area unit created, we are going to update this text.

Ray Mcneil Career

Ray began his career in exercising so joined the naval forces wherever he met Sally Lowden. Ray associate degreed Sally were in an abusive wedding, that Sally unconcealed when Ray’s death.

He left the Navy to come back to exercising and won various championships.

RayMcneil’s children

After a short relationship, Ray Mcneil and Sally Lowden were married in 1987. Sally was knowledgeable somebody and therefore the couple have 2 kids, John and Shantina. Ray and Sally met whereas they were within the navy. They fell smitten, and that they got married. They were an ideal example of happy couples.

Sally claimed Ray was abusive husband UN agency abused her mentally and physically. Sally killed her husband and confessed to the crime before the police.

RayMcneil folks

Ray Mcneil was the son of associate degree American-African couple and was raised within the USA along with his siblings. Ray’s father, Ray Mcneil, was a bourgeois whereas Ray’s female parent was a lady of the house.

We don’t have to any extent further info on Ray’s folks or relatives. These facts are mentioned.

The Netflix series is revealing several events and viewers area unit following the show with interest.


We searched the web for crime scene photos and autopsy reports however they weren’t found because of confidentiality issues.

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