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In this piece, we’ll look at an incident in which the man Raheel Georgia, murdered his wife. We will attempt to learn more about them.

Have you heard about someone who was named Raheel Ahmed? Did you know that the husband killed his wife before self-death?

Sania Khan, a seasoned photojournalist, was murdered on Monday in her Streeterville home within the United States. The estranged husband of her, the was accused of being the shooter, Raheel Ahmed, later committed suicide. The police discovered Khan killed and Ahmed injured as they approached. The incident took place in the 200 block of East Ohio Street around 4:30 p.m. Go through the article to know what you can on Raheel Georgia.

who is Raheel Ahmed?

Although there isn’t much information available on Raheel Ahmed, according to one of Sania’s close friends the couple Raheel were able to break up in the winter of 2021. There are reports that they were divorced, and some say they planned to be divorced. While there isn’t any clarity about their relationship status, it is evident that they did not bond more in their relationship.

Concerning the event

According to the sources of police, Raheel journeyed from his home in Georgia and shot dead his ex-wife at her residence in Streeterville in the afternoon of Monday, the following day, Raheel Ahmed Georgia took the pistol towards himself when cops attempted to get in.

About about 4:30 p.m. Police were summoned at the intersection of 200 East Ohio Street when Alpharetta, Georgia, police allowed to examine Raheel Ahmed 36, who was being monitored for health. According to his family members they believe he was missing from the Atlanta neighborhood in which he lived. Based on the investigation the investigation, the Alpharetta police officer advised Chicago authorities that the couple, he and Sania Khan, 29, were going through divorce. Raheel arrived to save his marriage, as his mood was depressed and unhappy.

The Police Speak

According to sources, Raheel Georgia was discovered in a room and was also taken to the hospital for head injury. He was discovered with an 9mm Glock handgun, as well as suicide note in the vicinity. The moment the police arrived, they discovered Khan sitting motionless at the entryway. She was struck by a bullet to the back of her skull. She also had a face was covered in blood that was cold and crusted. As per police, the Cook County health examiner’s office and Chicago police, Khan, was declared dead on the spot. After his transfer in Northwestern Memorial Hospital, he died there too. The office of the health examiner concluded that Sania’s death was murder. There was also a suggestion that Raheel took his own life.

who is Sania Khan, wife of Raheel Georgia

Sania Khan, a photographer is a photographer who has posted on her website about her move to Chicago in the month of June 2021. She was originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, where she was born and raised. She said that the aim of her work was to record life’s best memories. Her website showcases photos of happy couples, weddings, and happy families.


This article talked about Raheel Ahmed, as well as Sania Khan, whom were killed by the police. We also discussed the details of the entire incident is well-known. We also learned what the police discovered.

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