Quavo Death Video The News Viral on Reddit

This Quavo death video post will give you the most recent update on the shooting that took place in the Bowling Alley, where the Migos trio were present.

Are you familiar with the events that occurred in Bowling Houston and Billiards? Who was killed in the shooting? According to the latest news, Takeoff, a famous rapper, died during this shoot. Some are now talking about Quavo’s death video. This is because many people in Nigeria, South Africa and Canada have misunderstood the situation and asked if Quavo had died during the shooting.

Quavo Video of Death

Takeoff’s death video and photos went viral on many platforms, including Reddit. In this video, Quavo can be seen helping Takeoff while he was still bleeding on the ground. Quavo was not hurt in this shooting. Quavo is doing fine, but people mistakenly believe he has died.

Takeoff Death

Is it Takeoff or Quavo that died during the shooting? Quavo was not hurt or taken out of danger during the shooting. Takeoff was the one who died in this shooting. The video and graphics were instantly viralized on Twitter. Two other victims were also injured in the shooting. These victims’ identities are not yet known.

The News Viral on Reddit

Reddit and other social media platforms went wild with the news of the shooting in Billiards/Bowling Alley. The death video was shared by fans and people. The video was very disturbing, as Takeoff was covered in blood. Quavo tried to help, but he was already dead. According to the police report, Takeoff was declared dead and two other victims were transported in a private car for treatment. Information about the perpetrators has not been released. The matter is under investigation by police who are trying to locate the shooters.

Twitter The video shows Quavo’s pain when he yelled for Takeoff.

What is their connection to Migos?

The trio rap group Migos was composed by Offset, Quavo and Takeoff. This Hip Hop group was founded by them in 2008. Their debut commercial was ‘Versace’ in 2013. It opened up many doors.

Who were the two other members of the shooting party?

According to the police statement, the identities of the victims have not been revealed. Their identities will only be released if their families consent. These two victims were not visible on Telegram or any other platform.

Relationship Between Quavo & Takeoff

According to online sources, Takeoff is the nephew of Quavo. They also have a connection via their Hip Hop Rapping group, Migos. Offset, his cousin, joined them. Quavo’s mother Edna Marshall raised all three of them.


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