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A middle school teacher from New York City is the latest of a series of instances where Project Veritas has exposed teachers who, according to reports, indoctrinate their kids with the politics of. Ariane Franco was who is an English teacher at the middle high school located situated in New York City, was observed on Project Veritas talking about how she had spent “a period of two months” teaching her students about the importance of protesting and planning an effective protest “in strategically planned ways.”

Furthermore, Franco is seen in the video admitting that she teaches students to not take a knee in the Pledge of Allegiance. She also mentions that at one point she changed the words of the pledge. Learn more details about the project Veritas teacher.

The reason why it is being discussed in the media?

The right-wing news organization Project Veritas has already published four separate exposes on teachers and administrators , which push their political views inside the class. Project Veritas primarily does undercover reportage.

The Department of Education in New York City was approached through The National Desk (TND) for comments However, no reply was given immediately. This story will be updated when there is a response. Let’s look at this subject in detail; that’s exactly what occurred.

All You Have to Know About the Project Veritas Instructor-

The tactics employed by the controversial conservatism group stated the existence of “hundreds” of information were provided to uncover possible bias in schools after the publication of their new series. Project Veritas’ most recent series of videos that expose teachers and administrators the alleged discrimination that exists in schools , includes excerpts from hiddenly filmed films.

The New York City professor is being reported to be saying in short snippets from the most recent secretly filmed video that he wouldn’t employ anyone who didn’t adhere to an underlying view of the world.

What is it? Project Veritas:

A Western radical reformist group known as This Project uses private videos to debunk mainstream channels. Project Veritas Teacher is one of the groups. James O’Keefe is the founder of Project Veritas. Project Veritas employs undercover, hidden camera techniques to uncover data that is not available by traditional methods of reporting. This is why Project Veritas is under fire for its shady methods.

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The National Desk (TND) tried to contact the Department of Education for the feedback, but no reply was received. This is all we can offer to share today’s blog post. For more information on Project Veritas visit this link

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