Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam {July} Always Beware Of Such Scams!

The report Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam is a detailed look about the contest as well as the secret motives behind the contest.

Are you one of those who purchases a lot of things during the sale days? Do you love online shopping? Are you aware of scams that are associated with huge online sales days? The coming Amazon Prime Day has triggered consumers’ curiosity, mainly within the United States,the United Kingdom regions as the percentage of those who are opting to do online shopping is much higher. In this post, we’ll discuss a significant Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam.


Sweepstakes, in the precise sense is a lottery systemin which people are required to take part by purchasing a small amount of merchandise and the winner will be chosen. When Amazon Prime Day approaches, many people are getting emails from Amazon stating they have won the sweepstakes for gift cards in the contest. The winners must log into the Amazon accounts to gain access to these gift cards.

There are people who have received several emails about the gift cards. However, there’s no sign of the winners of the gift cards until now. The company that ran the contest also has an extremely low score of trust (2%)) and could be a fraud.

Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes

There’s a website called Prime Day Sweepstakes where they invite people to purchase Amazon merchandise from a small company for the amount of just one dollar. If you purchase a small business product during the promotional period individuals will be able to enter the sweepstakes. They are able to be eligible to participate in the contest by providing their personal information.

The eligible entries will go through an unintentional selection process, after which the prize winner is declared. According to internet sources Cyber-technical experts have advised people to stay clear from contests like this and certain Amazon representatives claimed that this contest and website as fraud.

Is it a thing?

This Amazon Prime Day Giveaway is basically the lottery, in which participants must submit an entry that is valid and through a randomization process the winners of 114,289 will be chosen. The selected winners will receive any of their seven-tier prizes. The prizes awarded to winners will be.

  • VIP excursions to music screenings, festivals, etc.
  • A $1000 Amazon E-Gift card is available to claim.
  • A $ 500 Amazon e-gift card
  • A $ 250 Amazon e-gift card
  • A $100 Amazon e-gift card
  • A $ 50 Amazon e-gift card

How can I join?

It was the Prime Day Sweepstakes 2022 The event ran from June 21 through the 11th of July. . A person is able to make at least 1500 entries in the promotional time. However, one person is eligible to be awarded the prize only once.

Contest participants can join by purchasing any small-business products that are badged or by providing their birth date as well as account login details. Once they have registered, the contestant isn’t going to receive any confirmation emails from Amazon. Amazon team.


While the site appears legitimate with a comprehensive FAQ section, privacy policy the domain’s domain, it isn’t capable of attaining a high level of trust. It could be an enigma .Thus this review The Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam gives a thorough description of the contest. The money can last for a longer time when we make it by our efforts. Therefore, this event might be a fraud. To find out more.

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