Prevention Day Suicide Quotes World Suicide Prevention Day 2022:

Prevention Day Suicide Quotes This post provides details about suicides on WPSD and discussed methods to stop it.

Do you know that the 10th September is recognized in the year of Suicide Prevention Day? Have you heard about the subject of the coming Suicide Prevention Day? With more than 700000 people die each year from suicides raising awareness among the population to combat this tragedy is the requirement of the moment. Suicide attempts are a huge problem. are higher than the number of deaths from the tragedy each year.

Events like WPSD have raised awareness in countries such as India and in the Philippines. Prevention Day Suicide Quotes has covered the event in depth in the occasion of Suicide Day.

Texts, Quotes, and Images to mark this World Suicide Day:

A few quotes and messages to commemorate the upcoming Suicide Day are given below. These quotes and messages can be used to raise awareness among people about the dangers of suicide.

  • Help others fight Depression and rejection. Be an impactful change in the world.
  • Don’t conduct activities at work that cause stress for employees. Try to create a positive working environment in your workplace.
  • Happy Holidays to you to you on World Suicide Prevention Day.
  • Life is precious and beautiful and shouldn’t be lost. I wish you an Happy World Suicide Prevention Day.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2022:

The death rates differ across the globe. Although it is higher in countries that are developing, the figures for both the United Kingdom and the United States are also not encouraging. America has a mortality rate of 14.5 and 6.9 people out of 100000 suffer suicide every annually in England. This is a problem that is in the developing world.

The WSPD was created in 2003 by the International Association for Suicide Prevention in conjunction with the World Health Organization. Since then, every year on September 10 the event is celebrated all over the world. There are numerous websites where World Suicide Prevention Day Images can be found. We have listed a few below.

  • Freepik Com
  • Dreamstime Com
  • Shutterstock Com
  • Alamy Com

Individuals can make use of the pictures of suicide prevention days to images to display on their social media profiles as well as help raise awareness about the tragic event.

How can I prevent or Control Suicides?

The tragedy is preventable and WHO has listed steps to stop suicides that occur all over the world.

  • Find the suicidal tendencies of your family members and act quickly.
  • Stress levels at work and in the family must be reduced.
  • Make sure to restrict the availability of suicide-related substances such as pesticides and specific medicines.

Prevention Day Suicide Quotes and Themes:

WPSD will be running a 3-year themed World Suicide Prevention Day from 2021 until 2023. The theme for this year will be “Creating Hope through Action,” which will stay in place for the following year. Each year IASP organizes a series of events across more than 60 countries to raise awareness among people that life is precious to waste away.

Note: All information are taken directly from websites.

The final verdict

WPSD is a tragedy that has been able to do a lot in the last twenty years to bring awareness to this tragic event. We must go beyond that and tackle it at a more basic level. Prevention Day Suicide Quotes thinks that dealing with the issue at the work as well as at family levels can assist in reducing this tragic event.

Do you believe WPSD efforts will aid in the control of this tragedy? Comment below. comments section.

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