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This article concerns Pretoria Bus Accident. Pretoria Bus Accident and the number of fatalities of the crash. Learn more about the topic.

Are you curious about the incident that took place in Pretoria? Are you interested in knowing the number of people who were injured? If so, you should read the entire article to the very end. The people of South Africa are more curious about the incident. So, a lot of people who were also witnesses to the terrible accident came to the scene.

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Horrific Accident in Pretoria

There is a report that the terrible accident claimed lives of 15 people. The accident happened when a truck and bus collided in Pretoria. The accident happened following the crash at M17 Hornsnek Road near Bundu Inn Resort. Emergency services were on the spot, while paramedics were busy helping the victims. Charles Mabaso, Tshwane Emergency Services Spokesperson, confirmed that paramedics were providing emergency assistance to the victims. The road where the incident was occurred has been closed to ensure emergency services can attend to the scene quickly. The President Cyril Ramaphosa offers deep condolences to the families of the deceased.

Is Hornsnek Road a Horror Road?

Hornsnek road is known as an unforgiving road due to the numerous accidents have occurred in the exact same spot. Many people face horrendous accidents while traveling on the road. In the past, two people were killed following an accident that occurred because of a collision of a car with an unidentified truck near Bundu. Social media users are discussing the incident by posting comments about the roads. Many say that motorists are often involved in accidents due to reckless driving on the road. One of the users claimed she witnessed an accident in the road.

Pretoria Bus Accident

Social media users are sending condolences to family members of those who lost their loved ones. The driver of the truck sustained moderate injuries. 15 victims lost their lives due to the accident. The driver was 46 years old. older and had moderate injuries. He was taken to an in-hospital private. Prior to his transfer to the hospital it was treated immediately.

On social media, some users offer their condolences to families of the people who died during the tragedy. The families of the victims are grieving and devastated following the horrific incident.

Pretoria Bus Accidenthas caused a fear of driving with care on the road. While road accidents are not uncommon these days, accidents can be avoided with extreme attention. Unfortunately, drivers are frequently reckless when driving on the roads and cause horrific accidents. However, a careful approach to driving could make a difference to thousands of lives.

On Hornsnek road the dip curve gets hazardous, and is believed to be the primary reason for accidents.


If an accident occurs when an accident occurs, people talk about the incident in terms of being cautious when driving. However, later on, they repeat the same error. Pretoria Bus accident can be attributed to the result of reckless driving. For more information you can visit the website.

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