Post Malone Injury What Happened with Post Malone?

This post on Post Malone injury will provide all information about the injury that Post Malone suffered during his show.

Are you familiar with Post Malone? Did you hear about his injury? Post Malone has suffered an injury during his last show. This news shocked fans from all over the United States and Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. This post on Post Malone injury will provide all the details.

What happened with Post Malone?

Post Malone was performing at St. Louis’s Saturday show when he fell into an open pit and broke his ribs. After his show, he had to be treated and given medication. Post Malone posted a Twitter video on Sunday letting fans know that everything was fine and that he had received all the necessary treatment. He thanked his fans for coming to see him and apologized for not being able to perform the songs that he had missed due to the injury. Post Malone’s manager confirmed that his broken ribs had been bruised, but not broken.

More information about Post Malone Stage, Fall

Post Malone fell onto the stage in a pit that was used to lower his guitar while performing onstage. He was then taken off-stage by medics. A few seconds later, he was back on the stage and performed two songs, “Rockstar” and “Cooped Up.” He was in terrible pain, but still performed like an expert. He was seen holding his ribs and flailing from pain during the concert.

What did Post Malone’s manager say about his injury?

Post Malone’s manager shared a post on social media about Post Malone Ribs. He expressed gratitude that his ribs had not been broken but only bruised. He thanked his fans for their kind wishes. The singer also told the fans that he had said to him that he wanted the show to go on, even though he was not well. He assured the fans that he would be fine after a few days rest.

Post Malone’s personal Life

Post Malone is actually Austin Richard Post. He is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. He was nominated nine times for Grammy Awards and won numerous awards. Fans were also interested in his career and Wife. Later, he announced that he would soon become a father and get engaged to his girlfriend. His girlfriend has not made any public appearances. Fans did their best to learn more about him and discovered that he was actually dating Jamie, a Korean rapper.


We can conclude that Malone Tour was amazing, but that the singer is still on medication and will soon be back to normal. We wish he is able to get back on his feet soon and that his injury doesn’t affect him. To learn more about Post Malone wound, please click this link.

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