Post Malone Accident What Happened to Post Malone?

This article aims to give details about what happened during the Post Malone Accident during his performance. Stay tuned until the end to learn more.

Did you know about the tragedy which occurred on the streets of St. Louis? Many people from all over the United States, Canada and many other countries are eager to learn what happened during the concert by Post Malone. The incident that occurred with Post Malone has gained some attention. Many people want to know the details of Post Malone Accident and the circumstances surrounding it. If you’re looking to learn more about the incident you shouldn’t be concerned and just follow this blog as it will enable you to learn everything you can about the incident.

What caused his accident to take place?

On the 17th of September, 2022 Post Malone met an accident when performing at St. Louis at the Enterprise Center. The singer was performing on stage and fell off due to a hole that was created on the stage. After the incident the actor was examined by the medical team while the show was stopped for a few minutes. He returned later and apologized to the audience.

What happened to Post Malone?

In the article we gave readers in the past, Post Malone met an accident at his concert at St. Louis. The team transported Post Malone to the hospital. According to reports, he injured his ribs as a result of the fall. He is being treated for pain medication.

Following this event, Post Malone fans worried about the singer and demanded an update from the singer. Post Malone’s fans had been looking for information on his health situation on social media. So on 18 September 2022 on Twitter Malone shared a photo where he discussed his current health status and claimed the situation is now better.

Rumors regarding Post Malone St Louis 2022 Accident

Following Post Malone’s St Louis Accident, rumors were circulating on the internet that he’d broken his three ribs due to the fall. We would like to inform all the supporters and well-wishers that this is only a report, and based on the x-rays, Post Malone didn’t break his three ribs. In fact, he was injured in his ribs which is why the ribs are currently taking medication.

He also stated in his video that the next time will be a two-hour concert to the crowd to compensate for the lost time, since he had missed some songs due to the accident.

More Post Malone Columbus concert

Many readers want to know the latest information regarding the Columbus concert by Post Malone together with Roddy Ricch. If you’re trying to reserve tickets for the concert, we’d be happy to inform you that on a number of websites, tickets are not available since the date for the concert was set for 18 September 2022. The website indicates that the concert is already underway or ticket sales have been stopped.


The article describes the incident that occurred with Post Malone, and we also dispelled rumors about his character. If you’d like to learn more about Post Malone read here.

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