Portal Companion Collection Physical {June} Check The Date Released!

Portal Companion Collection Physical puzzle and challenges are the most awaited release, and there are happy faces after launching. More details in this post.

Hey, gamers! Are you playing Portal Companion Collection today? The game is already out, and players across the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom cannot resist playing it.

It is the most awaited game in a decade. But if you have not played the game yet, stick with us till the end to know the pricing and other information. We are giving detailed information through this post-Portal Companion Collection Physical.

When is the game Portal: Companion Collection released?

Nintendo surprised its fans when it launched the most wanted games for them. Valve published The Portal: Companion Collection yesterday, that is, 28th June 2022. Moreover, the Switch (Nintendo Direct Mini) also announced the game availability on its eShop.  

The bundle has a collection of two iconic puzzle-solving Valve games, Portal and Portal 2. It was first announced via a trailer on Nintendo Direct in February, but there was no release date. In fact, the fans are surprised that they receive it earliest to play.

Portal Companion Collection Price

If you also want to own and play this legendary collection, you need to spend $19.99 or CA$24.99 or AU$27.99 or €18.99 or MX$254.99 on Nintendo eShop.

Some basic information about the game:

Players: Single system, and you can play both online or offline or through local multiplayer

Release date: 28th June 2022

Genre: Action, puzzle, adventure

Published by: Valve Corporation

File Size: 9.9 GB

ESRB rating: Everyone 10+ to Teen.

What is a Portal game?

The portal game was first available in 2007 for Windows, Xbox, and PS 3. Since then, players have praised this game for its authenticity, story, gameplay, and concept. Now, the Portal Companion Collection Physical puzzle is also out to play on Nintendo Direct Mini.

Portal also had a sequel available in 2011 named Portal 2. It expands the gameplay and storyline and also includes a multiplayer mode. The series creates an experience unlike any other by fusing puzzles, first-person action, funny conversation, and adventure gaming.

Overview of what you will get in this game:

You will employ a highly experimental portal gadget to overcome obstacles and puzzles in the physical world of Portal. Navigate yourself through space as you solve puzzles in the enigmatic Aperture Science Laboratories.

In Portal 2 of Portal Companion Collection Physical, you’ll battle the lethally clever, power-crazed GLaDOS once you head back to Aperture Laboratories. As you use logic to navigate risky, previously unexplored sections of the laboratories and a greater range of puzzles, get to know a larger ensemble of individuals.

Plus, it also features a multiplayer game option with local, split-screen, and internet multiplayer.


The release of the Portal game brings a surprise box for its fan and allows them to play both games. The game was released yesterday, and gamers are excited about this best puzzle game. You can purchase Portal: Companion Collection by visiting this website. 

When are you playing Portal Companion Collection Physical Puzzle? Do let us know if you will wait for the physical edition.

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