Pokimane Open Shirt Video Twitter: What Happens to Pokimane’s Live Streaming Video?

This article provides facts and information regarding the Pokimane Open Shirt Video Tweet incident. It also tells readers about unrevealed statements.

The Pokimane incident with the open-sleeved shirt on live streaming has been widely reported. After seeing their favorite streamer go topless livestreaming, Pokimane’s fans in countries such as the United States or Canada are shocked.

The Pokimane Open Shirt video Twitter is the complete story. Read the article until the end to find out more.

What happens to Pokimane’s live streaming video?

A wardrobe error caused her to open her top while streaming OpenWatch 2 on November 15. This exposed her chest in front the camera. Many of her fans were online to see the live stream as she was being filmed.

Pokimane Open Shirt Incident – How did it happen

Pokimane accidentally made a wardrobe mistake while sitting in her chair streaming OpenWatch 2. Her t-shirt suddenly opened. Although she tried to conceal the incident by taking herself off the camera, the entire incident was captured on the live stream.

The incident was captured by viewers and became viral via social media platforms. The good news is that not all platforms removed links for inappropriate content. Pokimane feels ashamed that her wardrobe mishap was accidental.

Is there a trending video?

The Clip Viral on Tiktok was shared by different groups via different links. The whole video is not available online due to sensitive issues.

It is evident that Pokimane was composed and calm when the accident occurred. Many of her fans admire this behavior and appreciate her ability to keep her cool. We are yet to have an official link that we can share with our readers, as the video is being pulled down by various websites.

What were the reactions to Pokimane’s fans?

After the wardrobe mishap, the video went viral on Telegram and other platforms. Her fans demanded that the video be removed from all websites. Pokimane was ashamed of the act, and has not made any official statements.

While the video was removed on Reddit and many other social media platforms, such platforms did not make any official statements about removing Pokimane’s clip of Pokimane in an open t-shirt accident.

Are there other similar incidents?

Many videos and images that have been leaked online are common. Doja Cat, a pop singer, was hacked to Instagram and Twitter. It is evident that Doja Cat was not dressed as she and her friends in these photos.

The case of Women’s Volleyball also attracted attention because the players were photographed topless after winning the match. This picture was shared on social media.

Social media links


Pokimane’s wardrobe error caused a lot of attention. Her fans have attempted to remove the video from the web. We couldn’t locate any links to the video, as only clips are online.

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