Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go (Dec) Check The Event Conclusion!

This guide provides information about the Pokémon Magmar Spotlight on and the ways to participate.

The next Magmar Spotlight Hour for Pokemon Go will be held in December 2021. The event will see players from India as well as the United States, who are preparing to receive the Shiny Magmar along with other useful bonuses.

Niantic launched Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour in 2020. It quickly became a popular recurring event title. The second celebration will take place in December and trainers will have the opportunity to catch the Fire Type Magmar in Kanto.

Continue reading if you’re interested in the Pokémon Magmar Spotlight on event.

When does Magmar Spotlight Hour start?

The Pokemon Go Magmar Spotlight Hour was set for Tuesday, 14 December 2021. This is a short-term event that will begin at 6 PM and run until 7 PM local time.

The event will be open to all players worldwide. It will be the second hour of the spotlight in December 2021 and it will offer the trainers a chance to catch some Magmar.

How to Prepare For the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight?

It is crucial to prepare for the event as it will only last 60 seconds. These are some guidelines to help you prepare for the event.

  • To purchase two Incenses, you will need to use Pokecoins
  • Clear out the space in your Pokemon Storage Box to store and catch the Magmar
  • To catch as many Pokemon as possible, you need plenty of Pokeballs
  • To allow the Pokemon Magmar Go to grow, collect as much Pokemon Candy as possible.

What are the bonuses in Spotlight Hours?

Spotlight Hour on 14 December will grant access to Double Evolution XP. It is the primary event bonus.

2X Evolution XP bonuses are available for any Pokemon, but they are not limited to Magmar. This means that the Magmar isn’t a cheap Pokemon to evolve. During the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight,, players are advised to use XP-Boosting Lucky Eggs.

How to Transform the Magmar into a Magmortar?

It takes time to transform the Magmar into a Magmortar. Along with Sinnoh stone, players must have at least 100 Candy. Players can get Candy quicker by using Pinap Berries.

Once you have collected enough Candy, select the Magmar with the highest stats and tap the “Evolve” button.

The Pokémon Magmar Spotlight Go is the best way to collect Candy. You will have access to hundreds upon Magmar. You also have the chance to receive double-transfer Candy.


The Pokemon Go Magmar Spotlight Holu r Event has ended. It began on 14th December 2021, at 6 PM, and ended at 7 pm local time.

This limited-time event gave players the chance to win the Shiny Magmar during the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Get event.

Have you participated in the event? Please tell us how many Magmars you have.

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