Pokemon Heliolisk Go {January 2022} Check About The Powerful Abilities

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Pokemon Go fans are all around the globe. They wait for new updates to Pokemon Go to get access to the latest Pokemon. Every every time Pokemon Go comes up with new Pokemons and its players become interested in learning more about it. The people across the globe may have heard about the new Pokemon Heliolisk.

The article we’ll review the brand new Pokemon Heliolisk. Follow the article to find out many details about Heliolisk.

A brief description of Heliolisk

Heliolisk is a form of Pokemon that moves bipedally. It is black in its head and a yellow lower jaw. It resembles the shape of a yellow lizard. It has yellow spikes as well as black frills on his neck. It produces electricity through the frill’s opening. It is able to generate enough power enough to power an entire city.

Heliolisk utilizes this electricity to boost his strength, increase its leg strength and increase the strength of muscles. His legs are strong enough to help him run a hundred yards in just five minutes. Heliolisk was created from Helioptile. Two Pokemon members of the Helioptile family.

How can I help defend Heliolisk?

While Heliolisk is a powerful Pokemon, it’s also prone to fight moves and ground attacks

Certain Pokemons are able to be able to defend Pokemon Heliolisk Go by using their moves. They are as follows The following are the moves:

  • Brebloom Pokemon: Its quick move is Counter. The primary move is a punch that is dynamic and has an effective damage of 91%.
  • Lucatio Pokemon Its quickest move is Counter. The primary attack it uses is Aura Sphere, and has 100% efficient damage.
  • Urshifu(strike single),(strike Quick): Their quick move is Counter. The primary move is dynamic and punch, with an efficient damage of 97%.
  • Landorus Pokemon: This Therian landorus is equipped with a mud shot swift move. Its primary attack is an earthquake. It is effective at 93% damage.
  • Landorus: Its primary move is earthquake, and it is able to deal 93% effective damage. It also has a quick move that is referred to as an Mud shot.

Pokemon The Heliolisk Game

Pokemon Go’s latest Pokemons appear to be very powerful since it is powered by solar energy dry skin, and other secret abilities. Its tallness of .3’03”, 1.0 m and weight is 46.3 pounds, 21.0 kg. Its most effective move is a swift attack and thunderbolt that can be used to attack gym Pokemons. The quick attack is 12bps while the thunderbolt comes with 38.4dps as its attack.

Heliolisk is impervious to Ghost flying, steel and electricity. It takes 50 candy candies to transform to Helioptile and then Heliolisk. Its fast maneuver is the mud slap rapid attack, and the volt switch. Its primary move is quick. moves include Thunderbolt, Grass Knot, Parabolic charge, as well as Bulldoze. These are just a few moves that are available in Pokemon Heliolisk Go.


We have discussed the various power, moves, and defence from Heliolisk Pokemon. The players have a vague notion of protecting this new Pokemon. There’s a shiny variant of Heliolisk as well. We’ll keep you updated with all of the Pokemon Go updates. To learn more regarding Heliolisk it is possible to visit the link below.

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