Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022 Some Updates!

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022
Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022

Scroll down this article for more information about PokemonGo Spotlight Hour January 20,22.

Are you a Pokemon Fan? Do you want to see their Spotlight Hour Schedule as well? What Pokemon will be featured in this spotlight hour?

The United States of America, India, Canada, and United Kingdom are all abuzz about Pokemon. Spotlight Hours, which are a new feature on this platform, is very popular with players searching for the exact same thing.

Scroll down to see the headings in this article to find PokemonGo Spotlight Hour January 2022 and all other related facts.

What’s a Spotlight hour?

The Pokemon Spotlight Hour is a weekly event that the platform organizes. It highlights a surprise Pokemon and offers an additional bonus effect.

This bonus was not available earlier and will be found only at the mystery bonus hour, but it is later combined with the mini-event spotlight hour which began in April 2020. The event quickly gained popularity, increasing players’ engagement.

Pokemon Go Spotlight hour January 2022:

This article will provide you with the details and general facts about Spotlight hours. It also contains information regarding the mini-event in 2022.

The announcement of spotlight hours for January 2022 has created excitement on the internet. With so many happenings and events lined up for January, it seems like the month will be busy. Players can finally unlock that mysterious door. This month, there will be four spotlight hours with bonuses active.

Information about all Spotlight Hours.

  • First Pokemon go spotlight hour January 2022: The first spotlight hour, which includes the psychic type Pokemon, will take place on January 4th. This creates a large attacker with strong stamina stats and a Reuniclus. Solosis will not be included in this hour. The bonus for the same will include the double transfer candy.
  • Second Spotlight Hour: The second spotlight hour will take place on January 11th. It will feature Diglett, a Kanto veteran. This Pokemon will be shiny and receive double stardust.
  • Third Spotlight hour: On 18 January, a Pokemon very similar to Pikachu will be featured. It’s called Plusle. The PokemonGo Spotlight Hour January 2022 will feature an electric type Pokemon from the Hoenn region. This event offers double catch candy.
  • Final Spotlight Hour: The 25th of January will feature Minun from the Hoenn area. He is known as the Plus’s friend and is always connected to each other, increasing their abilities and attacking.

Final Verdict:

The Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour trending on the internet is because players don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Four events are scheduled in January for the 2022 spotlight hours. Pokemon Go Live website will provide you with regular updates.

Are you also looking out for others? What is Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022 We would love to hear your thoughts in the following section.

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