Pokemon Go Community January 2022 {January} Check New Updates

This article provides all details about what’s happening in the Pokemon Go community January 2022. We hope that you enjoy this article.

It’s the start of the year new, as well Pokemon Go is out with some amazing information. January is going to be an amazing month thanks to Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go community. Yes, you heard it right! Pokemon Go is coming to town in its own community. The people from countries such as those of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and India are happy about this event.

Let us know exactly what Pokémon Go players in of January 2022 is creating.

New version of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is getting ready with its own community. It was announced in 2022, there will be community events in every month. This is great information for Pokemon Go lovers as they might be able to catch their favorite Pokemon, as well as other rewards within the community. In January 2022, there’ll have two Pokemon Go communities. It’s a great opportunity to win prizes for events and bundles of events. The community has a variety of intriguing features.

Information about the community is provided below:

Community Day Spheal’s spear-tastic journey

Date 16 January 2022. Time: 11am – 5pm

Community Classic Day: Back to Bulbasaur

Date: January 22nd, 2022 Time at 2:00 p.m. until 5:15 p.m.

You are able to participate in the competition on these dates and at these times. Learn what we can concerning this event. Pokemon Go community January 2022.

Brief description of community

  • Spheal’s Spear-tastic journey

On the 16th of January in 2022, the day of community will be celebrated for Speal’s Spear-tastic adventure, in which spheal is one of the types of Pokemon that players must be able to unlock through the event. If they are lucky, they may encounter the Shiny Spheal. The next option is an unique attack where the spheal will be analyzed to determine Walrein.

  • Return to Bulbasaur

In the second one in the second event, a brand new Pokemon Bulbasaur will be revealed. It is possible to be the lucky one. In addition, the feature of Exclusive attack made available where players must attain Bulbasaur’s evolution Ivysaur to gain access to the Venusaur.

Pokemon Go group January 2022

The update comes with lots of new features players who are likely to be intrigued. But they’ll must wait a couple of days to experience the launch event. In Spheal’s Spear-tastic Sojourn you must purchase Walrein in the form of Charged Icicle Spear Attack and Fast Powder Snow Attack. The story will be a part of the research and tickets will be released.

You’ll find bonus events as well as bundle events as well. For Back to Bulbasaur unlocking the venusaur is essential to obtain Charged Frenzy Plan Action. Additionally, you will receive special story research on Bulbasaur and will be able to find additional events and bundles during this event. Joining Pokemon Go’s Pokemon Go community January 2022will be a blast.


Pokemon Go fans are excited about the new community. People who are looking to gain access to the latest characters or features are able to join the community. The event has two Pokemon Go communities this month. The details of the community for January are provided in this article. To find out more information concerning Pokemon Go it is possible to look up the website.

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