Pmstorese Scam {June} Read A Comprehensive Review Here!

Find out about’s exclusive reviews and the Pmstorese scam.

Do you want to buy women’s shoes online in the United States Are you looking to buy outdoor gardening equipment or manure? offers a wide selection of footwear for women. Do you want free shipping on all orders?

To verify its authenticity, you might want to read the review before buying. We recommend that you continue reading this article about the Pmstorese scam.

Is Pmstorese Legal?

  • Pmstorese Creation16 July 2021 at 7:00 PM
  • Pmstorese age:eleven and seven days.
  • Trust IndexPmstorese has a Trust Rank below-average of 33%. appears to be a scam.
  • Last update on:14th Juni 2022 at 7:00 PM.
  • Pmstorese expiry:16th Jul 2023 at 7:00.00
  • Pmstorese life expectancy: expires twenty-three days.
  • Business Ranking:Pmstorese has an awful Business Ranking of 27.2%
  • Origin:Pmstorese is registered in the US.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 40%.
  • Threat Profile48%.
  • Phishing Score10%
  • Malware Score2%
  • Spam Score48%
  • Pmstorese Review Status of BlacklistingPmstorese has not been blacklisted.
  • Security:Pmstorese relies on a valid HTTPS protocol.
  • SSL StatusIP has a secure SSL certificate that is valid for the next 57 calendar days.
  • Contact person:unspecified at Pmstorese
  • Social relationsPmstorese are not on social media.
  • Contact and Owner’s Identity:Mark Silverio owns Pmstorese. The contact number is 1(718)510-5415, and the email is

Brief:, for example, has taken content from many websites. Copying product pages from other sites such as and is a common practice.

Additionally, Pmstorese’s design is copied from these sites. The section ‘About Us” discusses footwear. Pmstorese had hidden product pages that sold outdoor gadgets. copied the content of the “About Us” section.

Pmstorese sells products at a lower price than the 65% mentioned. Pmstorese is a seller:

  1. Boots,
  2. Heels,
  3. Mules,
  4. Sandals
  5. Sneakers.


  • Buy women’s footwear at:
  • Social media Links –unspecified to Pmstorese
  • Prices: between $22.80 and $88.00
  • Physical address:PMSTORESE at #8846 43 Ave. Elmhurst NY-11373, USA.
  • Phone number (or) WhatsApp number:only number is +1(253)346-7311 pmstorese
  • Email address:, considered to check Pmstorese Scam.
  • Customer Reviews and Blogs:reviews can be found at Pmstorese.
  • Terms & Conditions: Mentioned, but plagiarized by Pmstorese.
  • Privacy policy: Mentioned clearly at Pmstorese.
  • Store locator Pmstorese only has one store at the above address
  • Delivery Policy:Pmstorese delivers shoes in 22 days.
  • Shipping PolicyPmstorese ships within 72 hours within the USA For orders below $59, a $15 shipping charge will be applied.
  • Tracking:Pmstorese customer support team must be contacted to determine the order status.
  • Cancellation Policy.Pmstorese customer support team must be reached within 24 Hours to cancel.
  • Return PolicyPmstorese accepts returns in under 14 days
  • Restocking Fee:Not charged by Pmstorese.
  • Exchange:Pmstorese doesn’t support exchange; ascertaining Pmstorese Scam.
  • Refunds PolicyPmstorese didn’t mention the method of refund or the refund timeframes.
  • Payment Mode:Pmstorese only accepts PayPal payments in USD
  • Newsletters:supported by Pmstorese.
  • FAQ and Help:unspecified at Pmstorese


  • Pmstorese offers free shipping on orders above $59
  • Pmstorese offers a user-friendly interface and filtering options
  • Pmstorese offers detailed descriptions, specifications, images, and photographs of all products


  • Pmstorese accepts Visa, MasterCard and DinnerClub credit cards at the checkout. This is in contradiction to its payment policy
  • Pmstorese’s physical address is fake, it isn’t on any maps.
  • Pmstorese didn’t provide any information regarding refunds
  • The return policy pages contradict the order cancellation timeline.

Customers Pmstorese Review :

Pmstorese appears to be a scam based on one Facebook review and one YouTube review. Twelve reviews on websites also support the same conclusion. Pmstorese was rated 1/5 stars by one user review. One user complained that he didn’t receive his footwear delivery and would dispute the charges.Pmstorese’s product review section is not accessible. Pmstorese also has a low Alexa rank at 2,621,242.


Pmstorese is 11 months old since its establishment. However, Pmstorese’s Alexa ranking has a lower than average Business, Trust and Alexa Ranking. scam is real. Pmstorese scores highly on Threat, Suspicion and Spam profiles.

One customer review, which stated that his order was not received, was the only one available online.

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