Pjcftotes Reviews (February 2022) Check If It Is Scam Website?

The review, reviews of Pjcftotes we’ve reviewed the most important features of the website in order to help our customers make a sound judgement before spending their money.

Are you an avid Biking lover looking for a durable, stylish bike with a professional edge? Perhaps you were distracted by that amazing bike while browsing your smartphone this morning and immediately thought of owning one, but you were merely browsing the website’s reviews before making the next step?

Yes! This is exactly why we’re here to offer readers with an overview. In the Pjcftotes Review we will scrutinize and verify the authenticity of the site. The site was recently certified from the United States and its popularity with buyers.

What is Pjcftotes.com?

The website offers attractive offers on Sports Bikes that are trendy and feature a professional look in their work. It is a combination of several brands that produce top-quality Bikes that are stylish and modern which is extremely attractive to the modern day youngsters.

If you are looking to purchase the Bike that is sleek and comfortable and is of high quality this is a website that caters to all of those requirements. Before that, is Pjcftotes legitimate to continue? Let’s examine the following:

A General Survey of Pjcftotes.com:

  • Website URL- https://pjcftotes.com/
  • The Domain was launched on the 17th of January, 2022.
  • The date of expiration for the domain is the 17th of January in 2023.
  • Email address- cs@collectivebikes.com
  • Official address and official address of the store isn’t provided However, a UK-based address is listed under the tab for returns.
  • Telephone number: +44(0)203 0989 1869.
  • Shipping policy allows international orders delivery time of 10 working days, 3 days for the US and Europe AUS 5 days.
  • Free shipping is dependent on seasonal promotions.
  • Warranty duration: 12 months warranty (differs by country).
  • Return Policy – Within 14 days of delivery. Only applicable for EU customers!
  • Refund policy- Information on refunds isn’t available anywhere.
  • Social media presence – According the reviews by Pjcftotes, Social Media Logos can be found on the domain’s source page. YouTube has 127k followers and Instagram has 228k users.
  • Non-refundable goods-Not specified.
  • Cancellation Policy- Prior to shipment is made, you have 24 hours to cancel.
  • Payment options: Amex Payment methods: Amex, Payment methods: Amex, Pay Pal, Apple Pay, Gpay and Discover. Klarna.

Helpful Characteristics:

  • The website is protected through HTTPS.
  • Buyers will find all the straightforward and reliable policy information on the website site.
  • Access to a variety of payment offered through the website.

Adverse Characteristics:

  • Domain is still young, and not well-known among customers.
  • The policy on refunds is not defined in any way.
  • Alexa ranking is not available on the site.

Are Pjcftotes Legit or a scam?

It is no secret that the Digital Era has made things Easy& Complex simultaneously. It’s not news that there are many

Online shoppers have been victims of financial fraud. This is why it is essential to verify the authenticity of the website before logging into the payment processor. We will look over some of the technical aspects.

  • The website was first registered on 17-1-2022. This site is one month and four days old.
  • The domain will be gone on January 17, 2023.
  • Websites’ trust scores are quite low, only 27 percent.
  • In the domain inspection, we discovered an authentic telephonic number in the details of domain interaction.
  • The portal used 56% of content from the other portal.
  • According to Review by Pjcftotes customers couldn’t locate an official email address listed on the website’s homepage, however, the Return Tab has an address only available only to EU clients only!
  • The website claims to be an organization that is a collective; however, the domain designer does not give owner’s name or contact information.
  • The Website includes Social Media logos. YouTube as well as Instagram have followers that are part of the brand name but not the website name.
  • The designer of the domain creates the individual policy sheets.
  • Inability to locate website’s rank on the Alexa Rankings site in the last 90 days.

Thus, the website appears not to be genuine from the above information.

Review of PJCFTTOTES concluding that:

After reviewing the reviews on the website We couldn’t find reviews written by people who purchased the product from it. Therefore, in the case of the domain’s young age trust issues are being raised. It also reveals an unsatisfactory trust score of 27%.

It’s still a young domain, and it requires time to establish itself among the online shoppers. The site appears vague and uncertain due to the fact that crucial details are missing.

The Closing Statement:

The website offers items, including Complete Bike the LH1 mountain bike. However, the lack of clarity of details and the absence of Reviews from Pjcftotes does not help the credibility of the website.

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