Phoodle Answer Today Word Puzzle Answers October 2022

Phoodle Answer Today October 2022 Solutions – Phoodle is a word puzzle game that is very popular. The 5-letter word puzzle game Phoodle attracted a lot of attention. This word guessing game is based on food recipes. Phoodle is a great game for food lovers who have a good knowledge of different foods. You can download the Phoodle word puzzle and start playing it immediately. This food word puzzle game was created by the “marthastewart”. Phoodle word game can be downloaded for Android and Ios. You can enjoy this game on a tablet, a laptop, a tablet, or any other device. You can also check the October Phoodle answers from the following. Players can also check archived answers from previous months. The developers will provide some tips to help you solve the Phoodle word puzzle.

Marthastewart Daily, the developers of Phoodle word game releases the Food word for the day. Each puzzle will require players to attempt 6 times. The October month answers can be accessed by Phoodle Game players. Daily puzzle word updates will take place at 12:01 AM. The developers will update 5 letter words. The developers will update the game with 5 letter words.

Phoodle Game Word Puzzle Answers October 2022

Game Title Phoodle Food version of wordle
Developed By marthastewart
New puzzle time 12:01 AM local time
Year 2022
Session 17 October 2022
Latest Answer Today
Phoodle Puzzle official Website

Daily Answers List for Phoodle Word (October 2022).

The following contains Phoodle power language solutions October 2022. These answers are 100% correct. Phoodle players will be able to check the correct answers and analyse their game.

Phoodle Answer for the Day 17/10/2022 is: PLATE

Phoodle Word Date 5 Letter Food Word Answers
17 October 2022 PLATE
16th October 2022 spuds
15th October 2022 vodka
14th October 2022 leche
13th October 2022 mince
12th October 2022 limes
11th October 2022 decaf
10 October 2022 Crust
9th October 2022 SQUID
8th October 2022 Pepsi
7th October 2022 FARRO
6th October 2022 ACORN
5th October 2022 CHARD
4th October 2022 tacos
3rd of October 2022 LIVER
2nd October 2022 SCALD
1. October 2022 Eater
30th September 2022 aspic
29th September 2022 Ounce
28th September 2022 Gourd
27 September 2022 Roast
26 September 2022 Beef
25th September 2022 CREME
24th September, 2022 Ponzu
23rd September, 2022 Jerky
22nd September, 2022 GAMEY
21st September, 2022 CATER
20th September, 2022 CRUMB
19th September, 2022 Float
18th September, 2022 matzo
17th September, 2022 Kefir
16th September, 2022 HALVA
15th September, 2022 CHOPS
14th September, 2022 Fryer
13th September, 2022 Yolks
12th September, 2022 pluot
11th September, 2022 Anise
10th September, 2022 cajun
9th September, 2022 MACHE
8th September, 2022 CLAMS
7th September, 2022 GUMMY
6th September, 2022 SAVOY
5th September, 2022 PUNCH
4th September, 2022 CACAO
3rd September, 2022 BACON
2nd September, 2022 PILAF

Play Phoodle

The Phoodle word puzzle game can be downloaded and played for free. You can download this game on your PC, laptop, tablet, mobile or smartphone. Follow the steps below to download Phoodle word puzzle and get instructions.

  • Visit the official website for the Phoodle game,
  • You now see a 5 letter puzzle game.
  • Six attempts will be made to solve the word.
  • You can guess the Phoodle in six attempts.
  • Each guess must contain a valid five-letter word
  • To submit, press the Enter button
  • The color tiles will indicate whether you answered “write” or “wrong”.

Before we update the article, please submit your Daily phoodle Word Answer Guesses and Solutions to the comment section below.

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