Petbotlex Reviews {July} Check If It Is Legit Or A Scam Website?

This article Petbotlex reviews offers readers an in-depth review of the website and the technical information that will determine its success.

Have you met someone in your life who wants to help conserve the planet? Have you been aware of simple steps you can make to to save the planet? Not sure what to do?

In recent years, many people living in The United States have shown their support for eco-friendly clothing products. In this case, petbotlex is an e-commerce website that sells eco-friendly t-shirts. So, in this post we’ll discuss Petbotlex Review.

A brief outline of our shop

Petbotlex is an website that sells comfortable T-shirts for women and men. The most exciting feature of it the fact that this website sells eco-friendly T-shirts. They use high-end polyester and cotton to create each shirt. They have put in the most modern cloth screen printers to ensure that they can last longer than regular clothing, helping to minimize the waste of cloth.

Their products are

  • Player t-shirt
  • Keep calm-themed T-shirts
  • Athletic t-shirts
  • Gaming-themed video t-shirts

Descriptions of the website

Is Petbotlex Legit? The answer is found in the company’s efforts as a number of new websites are popping up each day and it’s difficult to identify the legitimate one from the multitude of. Therefore, the specifications of the company can help in removing doubts about the website.

  • Customers can petbotlex products at:
  • Contact information: their business is located at Florida, United States 250 Palm-Coast Park-way -North-east, Palm-Coast region.
  • Mailing id:
  • Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts are social media. Facebook, Instagram as well as Pinterest icons are accessible in their contact sections however, their links to their accounts do not open, instead redirecting users to the homepage of social media.
  • Options for payment: customers can pay through PayPal
  • Petbotlex Customer Reviews : customer reviews are not available
  • Contact number Call number: +1 659 210-3953
  • Content originality: 50 % plagiarized content
  • Policy on privacy: they have provided the details of how they process the personal data of the customers. They utilize Shopify to enhance their privacy policies.
  • Refund policy Each buyer has the right to return the item within 14 days provided they have the receipt from purchase.
  • Return policy Customers are eligible to receive a refund upon an inspection thorough of the item returned
  • Policy on shipping: no delivery fees for customers of all sizes. It takes between 1 and 3 days to handle and 6-15 transit times to deliver the item.

Petbotlex Review are not available for the four products. There’s something suspicious about the specifications parameters, and it requires a mandatory evaluation.

Petbotlex benefits

  • Delivery charges are free for all customers.
  • They provide high-quality T-shirts for a reasonable price.
  • They’ve put a lot of effort into the description of the product.

Petbotlex drawbacks

  • The company does not offer any discounts.
  • They’ve been able to fake their social media accounts.
  • There isn’t an “about us” section on their website.
  • The website sells just 4 T-shirts.

Assessment of legitimacy

Is Petbotlex Legit? It is important to determine the authenticity of the brand petbotlex because many people fall for fake website information. To prevent confusion, we’ll look at the technical indicators of the brand.

  • Domain Age: The petbotlex domain name was launched on the 16th of June, 2022. This means that the age of the Potbotlex website is close to one month old.
  • The date of domain expiration: it has a shorter domain lifespan since it expires on 16/06/2023.
  • The name of the Registrar is: 123 Reg Ltd
  • Trust index for PETBOLX website: 2% Very low trust index
  • The Global Alexa Ranking it is ranked at 5975988.
  • Data security: HTTPS is detected
  • Customer Reviews: Petbotlex Reviews are unattainable
  • SEO score The team was able to get a respectable SEO result of 62 percent
  • Copyright Percentage Potbotlex website is plagiarized at 50 percent and only 50 percent original content
  • Name of the company: hidden due to privacy concerns

Petbotlex Summary

Customer reviews and comments aid in determining the authenticity of the store, however we didn’t find the reviewers who had reviewed Petbotlex products. Most striking is the fact that this website sells just four t-shirts. Not more than that, and they didn’t receive a single review on these products, either. This suggests that this website could be a fraudulent one.


Accordingly, the post Petbotlex reviews provides detailed information on this website in a clear way. However, this website appears to not be genuine since it has a low trust rating and over half of the content copied from other sites and contains fake social media account details.

Did you find this article helpful? Tell us about your opinions on eco-friendly clothing in the comments section.

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