Periksa Data. Com What Is a Periksa Data Website?

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Are you conscious of the scams that circulate on the internet regarding information leaks and misuse and sharing without permission? Are you concerned about your personal data being exposed through the web by fraudsters like the people from Indonesia have done?

Periksa data is a website online that protects and validates the information and aids users to be aware of any misuse or leaks of any of the information. People are looking for more information about Periksa Data. Com. Let’s look further!

What Is a Periksa Data Website?

Periksa can be described as an Indonesian word which means “checking.’ This website is a tool to verify data in the event that it is misused. It is a non-profit organisation that assists users to verify and assist those who suffer from data theft. The site also encourages voluntarism in which individuals can help others or to introduce new strategies to aid in the cause.

Their home page is which contains some helpful tips that can be applied when the possibility of data misuse or hacking occurs. They have also posted news stories about Periksa Data. Com, that include instances and other warnings that pay the same focus. The site is believed to have been founded by the man who founded the community of ethical hackers, Teguh Aprianto.

The articles listed have all the information about the founder and the founder of the site. Enter your email ID , then click on”CHECK NOW. The website will identify the issue and attempt to hack. The site began to be up and running on the 23rd of September 2020. This website was being discussed on Twitter just a few days after its launch, as people felt that it had aiding in the difficult situation.

Periksa Data. Com- Legitimacy Check-

  • Created On-23/09/2020
  • Expiring On-23/09/2022
  • Address- Known.
  • Privacy policyIt will gather names BPJs, NIK, BPJs numbers Email, mobile numbers and full addresses.
  • Trust Index-60%, Average Score.
  • Trust Score –92/100 Excellent score.
  • The legitimacy of the website is58.3 Active, moderate, and regular.
  • Threat profile4/100
  • Spam Score –0/100
  • Proximity to the suspect website-27/100
  • Phishing Score-4/100
  • Malware Score-2/100
  • Social media accounts –Instagram as well as Twitter.
  • Security Safe and secure.

As per the analysis of the data and score-collection It appears that Periksa Data. Com is legitimate and is a reliable source.

Three steps are recommended on the site in the event you’re facing hacking issues.three steps to take –

  • Make sure you change your password as soon as you have the suspicion of hacking. Make use of the combination of characters and symbols.
  • 2. Steps verification.
  • Make use of a password management tool to keep more than one password in case you are having trouble remembering.


The current world poses numerous challenges to individuals and the society. Technology comes with many disadvantages and advantages. While it can simplify your life but it also creates complications within it. However, where there’s a will there’s a method. Periksa Data. Comis one of these examples. This site is a blessing and could assist people in their strange incidents.

What do you think of these tools? What are the precautions you took to ensure your safety? Tell us in the comments section.

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