Periksa Data .com What is Periksa

The article aims to give details about Periksa Data .com and to determine if it’s genuine or not. Stay with us to discover the full details.

Have you heard of the site Periksa Data? Today, keeping your personal information secure on the internet isn’t an easy task. Many people assert that personal information stored on the internet isn’t secure. The people of Indonesia are faced with issues because scammers leak their personal information as well as Periksa Website claims to help users. To determine whether Periksha is legitimate, we will review the Periksha website is genuine and legitimate, we will provide users with the details on Periksa Data .com and discuss whether the website can be helpful.

What is Periksa

Periksa is an Indonesian website. Periksa is derived from the word “periksa” which is a reference to checking. The website claims to assist users by offering the tools. This tool allows users to verify whether the person is using their personal data or not. This website is the ideal spot for anyone who is facing difficulties caused by data theft. Pariksa is a not-for-profit corporation with the option of volunteering where people is able to volunteer to assist others. Stay tuned to us for more information about the site.

Details regarding Periksa Data com Bpjs

As we mentioned earlier, Indonesia faces problems because of the weak protection for data. Experts believe that the alleged security breach of BPJs data is also a sign of weak protection in Indonesia. It is believed that private information of around 200 million people has been stolen and then sold to fraudsters. However, Periksa arrives to rescue of these victims.

Periksa’s website Periksa has updated its privacy policies that it will collect BPJs NIK names, BPJs and Names. The website also stores details of contact numbers, addresses, as well as emails. Also, all inhabitants in Indonesia who have resided in Indonesia for at least 6 months may get the BPJS.

Is Periksa Data .com Legit?

A lot of websites claim to solve the problems of people but cannot do so. We will examine whether Periksa fulfills its promises or if the website is similar to another fake website.

Periksa’s Periksa Website has a true lifespan of 2 years. It has a high credibility index that is 60 percent and a trust rating of 92 out of 100. There is no spam on the official site, in addition, the Periksa website is accessible on social media sites like Twitter along with Instagram. Periksa also offers secured and secure security. Periksa is legit and secure to use.

Reviewers from Periksa Data com Bpjs

As we have already stated, the Periksa website is a source of BPJs. The Periksa website has assisted many Indonesians who had data security concerns. Users have given a positive rating for trust to the site and claim that Periksa is a reliable site.


The article reviews the information regarding the Periksa website and also if the website is authentic or not. It also gives information about BPJs. If you’re looking to learn more about BPJs, go here to learn more.

Are you also a victim of cybercrime? We’d love to hear your opinions regarding the article at Periksa Data .com in the comments.

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