Percival Mabasa Biography What are the Most Recent News Stories?

Percival Mabasa Biography will let us read his Wikipedia and learn more about him. We’ll also explore the reasons behind his death.

Are you familiar with Percy Lapid? Did you hear about Percy Lapid’s passing? Do you know why Percy Lapid was shot to death? Are you familiar with his Wikipedia biography?

Many people in the Philippines condemned the murder of the radio broadcaster. Lapid’s family released a statement requesting justice. The investigation continues and the killer has yet to be identified. Everything related to him has been discussed in our post- Percival Makasa Biography.

What are the most recent news stories?

Lapid was attacked by gunmen on Monday at 8:30 p.m. Lapid was attacked by gunmen at the gate to BF Resort on Aria Street, Las Pinas City.

Police identified the victim as a DWBL radio commentator, who was riding in his car. NGS 8294 is the plate number for the vehicle. They claim that Lapid’s car was towed by a white Fortuner as he approached the Resort gate. He was then shot by another motorcyclist before he could enter the Resort gate.

Percy Lapid’s Latest News:

Yesterday, the family released a statement about the “brutal & brazen murder” of their beloved member. Roy Mabasa, his brother, posted on Facebook that the death of a fearless broadcaster and brother, father, friend and husband has left him deeply upset and angry.

He said that the Philippines and Percy were both deeply ashamed of this horrible crime.

Two pieces of empty shells were recovered by police from the scene. They are also looking for video footage to identify the suspect.

Percy Lapid: Who were you?

Percy Lapid Real name is Percival Makasa, but he was more well-known as Percy Lapid among his supporters.

The family released a statement yesterday that helps us get to know him better. On Facebook, his brother said that he was a great man who loves his family, is a patriotic father, and is a committed husband.

Percy was loved and respected by friends, foes, and colleagues. Percy’s bold and insightful comments helped cut through fake news on radio and social media. Finally, his brother demanded that his cowardly murdered accomplices be brought to justice.

Percy Lapid Wikipedia

  • Percy Lapid was conceived on March 14, 1959.
  • He worked for DWBL radio station.
  • He was also a broadcaster at JSY Publications.
  • Lapid was also a broadcaster of DWIZ (882 AM), a subsidiary of ALC Group of Companies.
  • Lapid was a vocal opponent to Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Philippine President.
  • He criticized Marcos’ government a few weeks back.
  • Following the Mabasa reporting backlash on his office, the president’s executive Secretary resigned
  • He was just about to broadcast his live online broadcast after he returned from Resort.
  • He was fatally shot by a motorcyclist.
  • He was taken to the hospital, but declared dead.

Percival Mabasa Biography:

  • His full name was Tito Percy Lapid.
  • Manila, Philippines was the birthplace.
  • The name of the school or college is not known.
  • His last Facebook post is about his brother.
  • His YouTube channel had over 200,000 subscribers.
  • After killing the other suspect, both of them managed to flee.
  • In this case, the investigation is ongoing and police are searching for video footage.
  • Former Manila son announces P1 Million rewards
  • This is the second murder under President Marcos.
  • Ray Blanco, a radio broadcaster, was also stabbed to death on September 18.

Percy Lapid’s Justice:

People demand justice for Percy Lapid after the Latest News about his death spread. #JusticeforPercyLapid started trending on social media.

Please note: We strongly oppose crime and other criminal-like activities. This post is based on online news articles.


Percy was a brave broadcaster and a great hero. We hope he is found guilty and that his murderers are punished soon. Many of his followers paid tributes to him and expressed sympathy for the family. You can read the full news on Percy Lapid here.

What can you say about Lapid, fearless broadcaster and nation lover? Percy Lapid Age when he died October 3, 2022 was 63. If you want justice for Percy Lapid, comment.

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