Pepsi Mic Drop NFT Check Details About This Token

This article explains the non-fungible token collections that a well-known beverage giant created for its online customers. Continue reading Pepsi Micro Drop NFT.

Are you looking to purchase or analyze non-fungible tokens in the crypto market? Continue reading to learn more about the subject.

Because tokens cannot be duplicated, they are rapidly gaining acceptance from crypto enthusiasts in the United States. Recent announcements by the world’s largest beverage company have highlighted the potential for such unique tokens in future. Read Pepsi Micro Drop NFT.

Pepsi NFT Collection

Pepsi NFT collection consists of various NFTs that are built on Ethereum blockchain and designed in a generative fashion. NFT creation and distribution are intended to promote the futuristic vision of the company and show the company’s ability adapt to technological changes in this modern age.

Pepsi was introduced in 1893 and has since made many significant changes to the beverage industry. Pepsi enters the NFT market to continue the revolutionary methods they used to transform the industry.

Pepsi Micro Drop NFT

  • The NFT team has created 1893 genesis tokens in remembrance to Pepsi’s creation.
  • 50 attributes can be found among these 1893 tokens. They are divided into six categories, which include accessories, stages and microphones, etc.
  • NFT collections pay tribute to music icons and pop stars. Mic Drop was born from this innovative idea.
  • ERC-721 is the basis of the tokens. There are no token prices nor royalty fees. Gas fees are all that the buyer needs to pay.

How do I buy Pepsi NFTs

  • To purchase the Pepsi Micro Drop NFT official, the first step is to create a MetaMask Account.
  • You can create an account by visiting the official MetaMask site. To make it easier to use, install the chrome extension. Participants with trusted wallets are also eligible to participate.
  • You must load your MetaMask wallet to have enough Ethereum. The buyer will need to pay a small gas fee in order for the NFTs to be purchased. In most cases, 0.1 Ethereum will suffice to cover the gas fee.
  • Before initiating an ETH transfer, ensure that your wallet address is correct. The wallet address should begin with “0x”.
  • Once the ETH has been received in the wallet, the user is able to mint the Pepsi Micro Drop NFT.
  • After the NFT is claimed, NFT holders can trade their NFT on popular secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces that are based on Ethereum blockchain.
  • According to official Pepsi information, the Waitlist Date and Mint Date will be on 10th and 14th December 2021 respectively.


As well as being widely accepted, NFTs are also becoming more popular. Global brands have been creating and disseminating official NFTs to their customers and fans. To learn more about the topic please visit.

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