Pentos Reviews {July 2022} Check the Complete Information!

In this article, we’ll be going over Pentos Reviews. It’s the only complete analytics and monitoring tool that works with Tiktok. Continue reading to learn what the tools can do and then decide whether it’s the best tool for you.

As per the site, Pentos is able to help users insight into TikTok accounts, music artist, videos and trends. All in one location. In addition, according to the site, Pentos can monitor anything that happens on TikTok.

These are fantastic buzzwords and large promises. What is the truth? Are these phrases and promises really exist or are they real? Let’s find out. Below we’ve reviewed the program in depth. We’ve talked about who is the tool best suited as well as its features, pricing as well as other aspects. Let’s start!

Who is Pentos for?

Pentos is an ideal instrument for creators, influencers small-scale brands, and everyone else who wants to increase their presence on TikTok. To be precise this is an essential device for those who are trying to learn and track accounts’ engagements, progress and other trends on TikTok.

Pentos gives you detailed information that are not just easily accessible, but also easy to comprehend. These insights are powerful and can be utilized by users to analyze developments, content, trends and key areas that require improvement, and many other crucial areas. These insights could serve as a basis for TikTok users to plan making, creating, and releasing more engaging content for the future. They can also assist users enhance the effectiveness of their TikTok advertising strategies.

So, one can quickly determine the exact location they are on TikTok. This is why Pentos can be the ideal tool for any TikTok user to continue improving expanding, growing, and achieving unimaginable highs.

Pentos’ features

Pentos features are divided into two different products namely TikTok Analytics and TikTok Monitoring.

This is in line to two major tasks that a TikTok professional has to perform every day.

So, we’ve looked at the features of each product based on the same outline, with a focus on the primary characteristics of both of them.

TikTok Analytics

Profil Analytics With the profile’s analytics you’ll be able to extend your profile beyond the limit of 60 days inside of TikTok and track the progress of your profile from now until forever. You don’t just keep track, but you can also receive professionally-curated analysis and reports on your profile’s progress.

Song Analytics With this function, you are able to monitor songs that are used by any artist. You can conduct an analysis to determine which songs you’ve created performed the most well. It is also possible to know the top music on YouTube.

Video Analytics With the feature you are able to follow videos by any creator. It is possible to run an analysis to find out the most popular videos you have that are on YouTube. It is also possible to know the latest videos that are trending that are on YouTube.

Hashtag Analytics Hashtag Analytics HTML0 With the application’s powerful Hashtag Analytics feature you will be informed of the latest happenings across the web. You will be being aware of the most popular and most popular hashtags on the platform. Additionally, you can learn find out about the performance of the various hashtags.

Weekly Reports on Performance You can access statistics and data for your content, as and other content that is trending from TikTok every week. In addition, you can keep track of your performance but also keep track of other accounts, including your competitors and peers. You can use this feature to measure yourself against the top athletes.

Everyday Update The information provided is refreshed each day.

Data Sorting This feature gives you with group metrics to allow for simple analysis.

Export data to either CSV or PDF CSV or PDF Pentos lets its users transfer their data to another location. It is easy to transfer your personal data. The data can be used whenever and wherever you want it.

Basic Dashboard This is an extremely powerful dashboard that is easy to use, accessible and easy to navigate.

TikTok Monitoring

hashtags monitoring This feature not just lets you monitor the performance of hashtags but also lets you track videos that are posted using specific hashtags.

Tracking Influencers This feature, you can track the influencer’s content on TikTok. It will aid you in to improve the effectiveness of your TikTok advertising strategy review and identify trends, and then launch amazing strategies.

Music monitoring You can keep track of the most popular songs on this platform. When you incorporate appropriate music into your content, you’ll be able to attract the interest from Gen Z, millennials, and the next generation of customers.

Viral Charts – With Pentos the feature of viral charts that you will never miss any viral content that is posted on TikTok. With the feature you are able to keep track of the content you post on TikTok and be notified whenever something becomes viral. In addition however, you also have the ability to establish the levels of virality based on your preferences.

email notification This feature will inform you whenever an alert is activated by email.


We discovered Pentos to be an excellent value for money TikTok monitoring and analytics tool. One thing we liked the most Pentos is the fact that it provides the opportunity to try a free trial of 14 days for all plans. This means that users can test it out before deciding whether or not to purchase the paid plans.

There are four plans that are suitable for various budgets and requirements. Additionally, the cost of these plans is dependent on whether the plan is billed monthly or annually. The costs are somewhat bit lower when opting for the yearly plan.

For small-scale business and bloggers entrepreneurs, Pentos has got the “Starter” plan. It comes with several features, but it has limitations. They include five trackers, five alerts for virality, a one-day historical chart of virality, and an historical trending chart for one day.

To get rid of the limitations on the features, it is possible to move up to “Growth” plan. The plan includes options that comprise 20 trackers and 20 alerts for viral as well as a seven-day historical chart of virality, and the 7-day trending chart of historical trends.

In the next plan that is called”Pro” plan “Pro” plan, you receive 50 trackers, 50 viral alerts, unlimited historical viral chart, and an unlimited historical trending charts.

Larger companies that have complex TikTok analytics and monitoring requirements can choose”Enterprise” “Enterprise” plan. Along with unlimited historical viral charts and chart with historical trends It also comes with 1,000+ trackers as well as more than 1000 alerts for viral activity.

Final Words

After doing lots of research and using Pentos’ services We are pleased to affirm that Pentos is a 100% legit tool. To sum up, we’d suggest Pentos is the most reliable and effective tool available. Pentos has most reliable and the most efficient and reliable TikTok application available on the market.

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