Pdfmandi Com {March 2022} Check Review & Purpose & Legitimacy Here

This article describes a website that offers free educational content for students. It includes online articles and pdfs. Read more on Pdfmandi com.

Do you want to learn more about a website that offers educational content for students from different domains? You may be interested in learning more about this topic. Please read the entire article.

The online availability of educational materials is a delight for students and job seekers from India. This website provides important updates and dates related to students’ academic careers.

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About Pdfmandi website

  • Ramkishan Maurya is a teacher and web designer who created the Pdfmandi website. The website was created to provide free educational content online for all students in the country, without any charges.
  • The website was developed in Hindi and is easy to use for students. You will also find information about exam dates and how to apply.
  • Pdfmandi allows users to download the free pdfs available to learn more about a particular topic.

Pdfmandi com

  • Trust score for this website is 35%. The hidden domain name is responsible for the low trust score.
  • The website was created in 2 years. Domain expiry occurred within 1 year. This results in a low trust score.
  • The domain was created on 16 December 2020 and expires 16 December 2022.
  • Domain age is one year, two and a half months.
  • Website has a simple, basic design. All the important content and news are listed on the homepage.

User Reviews

  • Pdfmandi website reviews are not available on Trustpilot or scamdoc.
  • You can also find user reviews about the pdfmandi website on most social media platforms.

More About Pdfmandi Website

  • There are several timetables on the website for the upcoming exams in the academic year 2022.
  • Pdfmandi gives timetables for various Indian board exams.
  • Some timetables can be made into WhatsApp statuses.
  • Pdfmandi allows students to view their exam results.
  • This website offers study materials and pdfs that can be used to educate students. Learn about Pdfmandi com.
  • These subjects include English, Hindi and mathematics.
  • The website also offers an online question bank to help students of polytechnics.
  • Students at polytechnic can use the free question collection on chemistry, physics and mathematics.
  • Students in class 12 can also access a set of question papers from previous years and model papers.


Pdfmandi is committed to providing free online education. The website does not charge for its contents. As an educated internet user, please be aware that there are spammers. For more information on this topic please visit.

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