Pch .Com Sweepstakes What’s PCH?

This article on the Pch .com Contests will provide all information about the legitimacy of the website as well as the positive and negative aspects of the website.

Are you searching for an online platform that lets you win prizes and play games? If so, then we’ve have you covered. Pch in The United States is an online site that provides sweepstakes and rewards-based contests. But, the website is now closed which makes it difficult to determine whether it’s genuine or not. However, we will give the most complete information about the Pch .com Sweepstakes as as we can.

What’s PCH?

Pch is the acronym for Publishing Clearing House. It is a direct-marketing business that promotes magazines, subscriptions to merchandise as well as sweepstakes and prizes-based games. They host contests on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and myspace. They also participate in and win games that include air hockey as well as the video game. They also offer prizes and giveaways in form of Amazon gift cards, cash prizes and gift cards.

How do you reach PCH?

Contact the company through the site via email, phone, or the company’s address. Here are the contact details of the Pch .com Contests:

  • Email address: dmdheeraj786@gmail.com
  • Number 1-800-459-4724
  • Headquarters: Publishers Clearing House, 101 Winners Circle, Jericho, NY 11753

Do you have all the information about the shop accessible on the site?

Some people might be wondering if each detail related to this shop as well as its policies is on the site. To answer this question, processes for return or refund, shipping, and payment methods for the shop aren’t available on the site. But, aside from that We have the data that will allow us to contact the site.

Is Pch legitimate?

To determine if the Pch .com sweepstakes is worth a look We must be aware of the essential information on this site. The details are given below:

  • Registration on the website Pch was launched on January 18th, 1994. This means that this website is about 28 years old.
  • The trust score Pch has a bad Trust score of 35%. This means that the website isn’t reliable.
  • Accounts on social media: It is via Twitter, Facebook, instagram and YouTube.
  • Policy on privacy The privacy policy is accessible on the website of the shop.
  • Chances to win In accordance with the official rules that your odds to win this case are 1 for 6.2 billion. These odds is extremely low

What do people consider about the Pch .com Contests?

For the website of PCH We could not locate reviews or review on the site. However, we did discover several negative reviews online. A lot of people are rated 1.6 or 1.7 rating for the services of the site. Many people believe it’s fraudulent and draws people in to make money, but it never actually gives the opportunity to earn it.


For the purpose of this article to conclude this post, we’ve included the entire information about the website. However, we were not able to access the website and therefore we are unable to provide any information other than to say that customers should use the site to their own discretion.

What are your thoughts on the Pch .com Contests? Let us know in the comments section below.

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