Paypal Bitcoin Invoice Scam Invoice from Bitcoin Exchange

Are you aware about the PAYPAL Invoice Scam This article will explain what to do if you get fake emails.

Do you use PayPal regularly for transactions? If so, you should be more careful. Many accounts are being hacked in the United States by a phishing scam. Many people have reported the PayPal Bitcoin Invoice Scam. We will provide detailed information about this phishing scam. We will also tell you what to do if you get such emails from hackers. Keep checking back with us until the end.

Scam on PayPal

A number of people reported receiving an email from informing them that they needed to complete the transaction. They send a fake invoice with the words “Updates Invoice” written on it. The balance is also mentioned below the invoice. It is a scam and anyone who receives such emails should not click the links.

Invoice from Bitcoin Exchange

Have you received any messages claiming that recipients will be charged hundreds of dollars to purchase bitcoins? You should not respond to such emails. Sometimes they mention that $499 was charged. If the recipient would like a refund, they can call this number. All these Bitcoin billing invoices are scams. You should not click on any links in emails. Clicking on these links will take money out of your account and transfer it into the account of the scammer.

PAYPAL Bitcoin Invoice Scam

Sending an email to the recipient is the first step in the PayPal Bitcoin scam. The email contains an updated invoice that informs the recipient that there is a balance due. Below the email, they mention a link. You will be redirected to a different page once you click that link. The recipients are then asked to dial a toll-free phone number. Many people fall for this trick and call a toll-free number. They are then asked to download the software. The software allows hackers to control the device from which you operate your account.

The PayPal team issued a written statement as per PAYPAL Invoice Scam. They stated that these scams are very common and are doing everything they can to protect their users. The team is aware of the phishing scam and working hard to implement additional controls.


We want to end this post by reminding readers about online scams. Report such an email immediately and contact the customer service team. To avoid these scams, you must ensure that your PayPal account is secured. We are hopeful that scammers will soon be caught.

What do you think about PAYPAL Bitcoin Scam We would love to hear your opinions in the comments section below.

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