Scam: Know The Truth Here! Scam exclusive reviews are available only on this site. Check its features and validity. has been receiving reports of collection calls. Did you know, however, that the people who received these calls were not given any information about their unpaid debts? Calls were received throughout the United States.

Do you want to know more about facts? Do you want to know that you can ignore’s calls? Do you want to know if really exists? Let’s find out more about scam. has an affiliation with FCR Collection Services, located at 625 The City Dr S Ste. 370, Orange CA 92868-995. FCR can be reached by phone at (949)440-4600. The correspondence address of FCR is PO Box 18978 in Irvine, CA. Paymybalance is reachable at (800)979 8917, and via fax at (949)440 4688. Their email address is and collects declined payments, chargebacks and bounced checks, etc. One of the blogs mentioned that the customer received calls from to collect SCHWANS payment. reviews on Reddit state that one of the customers received multiple calls to pay on their website or to call (800).979-8917.

FCR and FEDChex offer services in the areas of accounts receivable, electronic phone check collection, risk management, loss recovery, chargebacks and declined electronic payments, utility and energy bills, check collection, medical collections and healthcare collections, fitness and education, etc. has been launched as a collection website by FCR. calls customers using Interactive Voice Response. It offers assistance in both Spanish and English. Its services are not restricted to loan collection, but rather it helps FCR in its mission to assist Fortune 500 clients.

The caller did not tell the customer about the debt. The scam is a rumor. has no webpage that allows customers to check their balance (or initiate the payment process). discloses its affiliation with FCR, and offers contact information and FAQs.’s legitimacy:, though FCR began its business in 2001 was registered on 28th/October/2015 in Tempe, AZ. This website is 7 years, 7 months, and 5 days old. The website was updated last on 29th/October/2022. This indicates that the business is still going strong. The registration of Paymybalance will expire in 4-months-and-6-days, on 28th/October/2023. has an average business of 51%, zero Alexa and a low score of 5%. The scam is therefore not true. The website uses HTTPS and is not blacklisted. The SSL certificate for its IP is valid for 189 days. Christi Flanigan, president and chief financial officer of FCR, is Ms. Flanigan.’s privacy policy and conditions were clearly stated on its website.

Conclusion: has not yet determined its trust score. Eight websites and 2 YouTube reviews were neutral. The fact that it is affiliated with FCR and has a low suspicion level, as well as a business ranking average, indicates that the rumors of ‘ scam’ are untrue. To learn more about the business score, click here. may call a customer. It is best to check any bounced checks, declined payments, etc. or call the official helpline (800)979 8917 for more information.

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