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This article provides all the information about the Pata Seca slave Wikipedia, including the history and how he fathered 200 children and became known as a slave breeder.

Pata Seca, have you heard? History has told us some stories about Roque José Florencio. He was a slave-breeder. Indians and Americans are shocked to learn about him, and they want to find out more information on Pata Seca.

This article will provide you with all the information on Pata Seca slave Wikipedia and his life.

What is Pata Seca?

Pata Seca has been one of history’s most memorable figures. His struggle and heart condition provide a deeper understanding of his resilience, and the struggles of an enslaved individual during the slavery era. It is believed that he fathered approximately 200 children.

Total 30% of the population are his. According to further reports, all slave women were forced to have sexual relations with him, and gave birth to 200 children.

Pata Seca Slave Breeder

Slavery in Brazil was a dark time. One of the horrifying practices of that era were slave breeders. Pata had to be in relationships with the women he enslaved, and he fathered almost 200 children during this time.

It was also believed that tall men with thin cars were more likely to have male children. It was also profitable to produce males during this time.

Pata Seca Slave Story

Pata, who was 2.18m tall, was the perfect breeder. His story is inspirational; he was held as a slave for 1:30 and fathered over 200 children.

Born in the 19th Century, he became a famous figure in Brazil.

Many people still discuss his past, including slavery. Pata seca is the Spanish word for dry legs.

Number Of Pata Seca children Known

Roque Jose, a father of more than 200 children is said to have enjoyed his life as an enslaved man because he didn’t have to work the fields nor live with other enslaved persons.


Roque Jose Florencio enjoyed a close relationship with his owner. He was also interested in the duties of delivering the mail and caring for the farm’s animals. Online websites are available for those who want to learn more about Roque Jose Florencio’s past and his struggles.

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