Optum Store Is It A Fake Scam Or Legit Read Review

Optum Store Review has reviewed the online pharmacy store in depth and has shared its findings to buyers who are looking for health benefits.

There are a variety of healthcare requirements of an individual, and patients visit various pharmacies and doctors depending on their needs. The medical online store has made it possible for individuals to search for solutions for healthcare to address the majority of their needs all in one location.

Optum stores boast of serving customers in their United States for more than a decade at reasonable prices. According on their site, they provide fast and efficient service. Optum Store Review will review this online store offering healthcare services and place information into the public domain to help buyers.

What’s Optum Store?

Optum is an internet-based health site that offers solutions to the well-being of the people of the United States. Optum offers lower prescribed birthcontrol pills and erectile dysfunction, as well as loss of hair and lattice to treat mascara.

The products they sell on their website fall under the following category.

  • Treatment and medication
  • Everyday care
  • Child and baby
  • Devices and tests
  • Family, personal and products for skin care.

A portion of the medication that treat diabetes, blood pressure and common infections can also be purchased. To find out whether Optum Store legitimate or a Scam? Let’s discover its pros and cons and other features in the coming section.

A few Specifications that are part of the Optum Store online:

  • Domain age: 25 years old (2nd Feb 1996)
  • Website address – https://store.optum.com
  • Product sold – Health care products
  • Payment method – Debit cards and Credit cards.
  • Physical address is not available on the website
  • Shipping policy: 10 days for delivery within the United States and free shipping on orders over $25.
  • Return policy: 45 days from the date of purchase
  • Email address – support@store.optum.com
  • Contact number: +1 855-946-4463.
  • Newsletter – Now Available
  • SSL certificate available


  • Free shipping on orders over $25. Free expedited shipping on orders of $50 or more will allow customers to save money on large purchases.
  • Optum Store Review provides a return time of 45 days following delivery to the benefit of the customer.
  • Contact number and email address can help the patient resolve various issues with the health provider.
  • Utilizing fewer prescriptions to treat specific health issues will aid patients in resolving their health issues with little effort.
  • The website’s age (25 years) will enhance the trustworthiness that is associated with Optum Store in the buyer’s mind.
  • Users can search for a variety of health solutions through a single platform.


  • The absence of a physical address listed on the site could make a buyer’s mind.
  • It is not present on social media websites that have negative reviews from customers.

Does Optum store Legal?

The rate of fraud on the internet across the nation is very extremely high and is making life difficult for various federal agencies. It is therefore essential to be aware of the website’s credibility before purchasing any item through an online store.

To determine the authenticity of the site It is important to look at the following facts:

  • Alexa Ranking This is the store’s rank in accordance with Alexa which indicates a decent amount of visitors to the website.
  • Social media presence: No social media account is connected to the website, however the Facebook account for this store is accessible and was launched on January 13, 2021.
  • Trust score Score of trust Optum Store Reviews has an overall trust score of 95 percent, which decreases the possibility of scams occurring on this website.
  • Domain age The age of this website is 25 years old (2nd Feb 2021) which suggests it has an operational business component that is viable.
  • Newsletter – Newsletter is out to let customers stay informed about new products and service changes.
  • Customer reviews are posted on the social media websites of the store.
  • Owner identification is not available – though there is no information on the owner is provided on the website of the store but it can be found through WHOIS information.
  • Domain expiry date – The date for expiry of the domain is March 2nd, 2022.

What exactly is Optum store review?

There’s no customer reviews found on the product details page on the website of the store and this leaves customers in the dark regarding the company’s services. There aren’t many reviews about the pharmacy’s location are posted on the platform for digital media.

The biggest issue for online pharmacies is their customer service and even the reputable online stores have poor feedback on the subject of delivery as well as pharmacy issues. This is the Facebook page was associated with store.optum.com, and customers complained about their hopeless service.

The customer service and prescriptions are an issue for this business.

Last verdict

Optum store review found that the store is a spin-off of one of the most reputable pharmacies in the nation and the customer service of this store is creating difficulties for shoppers. It is recommended that people learn the entire nuances of the store prior to making a purchase.

Shoppers who buy through the Optum store are able to share their opinions in the comment section below.

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