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Are you a sports fan? Grand Slam is a well-known sporting event that is beloved all around the globe. Are you familiar with the Australian Open 2022? This article will keep you informed about the Australian Open 2022.

Sport lovers live Worldwide They are curious about the outcomes of recent events and activities. The journey of this sport started even with a draw. To learn more, read the entire article Open Draw Australian 2022.

What is the Australian Open Draw?

Grand Slams are played by 128 players, 32 ranked and 96 unranked.

Grand Slam is when four major titles are won by a player in the same year: Australia (France), the United Kingdom (Wimbledon), the United States.

Latest news about the event:

Four days before the start of the first Grand Slam tournament in the year, the Australian Open draws were announced. Only one of the top teams in the world.

Novak Djokovic is the most prominent participant in the Open Draw Australian2022. He was granted a medical exemption for commuting to Australia, even though he is not currently vaccinated against COVID-19. Novak was denied entry after he arrived in Australia. Novak won his appeal but his visa was revoked again. After losing the appeal on Sunday, he was forced to withdraw.

  • Prize money: This year’s tournament has a total of 75 million in winnings. Each of the women’s and mens’ finals champions will be awarded $4.4 million each, while the runner up will receive $2.2 millions.
  • Watch Open Draw Australian 2022: The Australian Open can be viewed on free-to-air television on Channel Nine and on-demand via their 9Now app and website. The Australian Open will broadcast live on TV and be streamed on demand across all Nine’s platforms. ABC will cover the tournament with match coverage, analysis and news pieces.
  • The durations of the specific events: The Australian Open will begin on January 17 and end on January 30. There will be wheelchair tennis competitions between January 23 and 27. The singles women’s finals will be held on January 29th, followed by the singles men’s finals on January 30th.

Who will be playing in Open Draw Australian?

The build-up has been hampered by sad incidents on the court. However, the 2022 Australian Open will start next week in Melbourne and will host the first Grand Slam of the season.

Salvatore Caruso, who was forced to leave Australia by Novak Djokovic, has been appointed as the 2022 Australian Open’s entrant.

The most frequently asked question is: Is Djokovic out or in? Three Federal Court judges supported Friday’s decision by the immigration minister to withdraw the permit of the 34-year old Serb on grounds of public interest.

Final verdict:

The whole Open Draw Australian controversy revolves around Djokovic. Covid has affected everything, but sportsmanship is unstoppable. Let’s all hope for the best.

Please comment. What did you think of the visa cancelation of Novak Djokovic. It was a wise decision. Comment below.

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