Online TKL Revenue {March 2022} Check Here If You Can Trust It!

Online Revenue refers to a website that claims to offer commissions and earnings through simple tasks. Read here for more information.

These days, there are many ways to make money online. People are always looking for ways to increase their income or find additional sources.

Are you looking to make online sales? Have you heard about TKL Revenue? It’s an e-commerce platform that was launched in South Africa. Continue reading Online TCL Revenue to learn more about the platform and what people think about it.

What’s TKL Revenue?

Takealot Online Earnings, or TKL Revenue was established in 2018, according to the website. Once the task is completed, it is an online group that offers a new way to make money. It is a great way for merchants to submit virtual transactions and earn a commission.

According to the company they get orders from all major platforms. In just two minutes, the transaction management system compares the data and returns commission. To earn commission, you only need a smartphone.

Who owns the TKL revenue?

According to online posts and sources, Griffith and Antony Muller were the founders of OnlineTKL Revenue. It is however a platform for all, so there is no CEO. However, the website does not contain any information about the owners. This creates suspicion.

How do you make money from this platform?

You can earn interest every day as a member of this platform (minimum deposit R300). To sign up and create an account, visit the official website. It is very easy to complete the tasks.

  • Withdrawal Rules

Minimum withdrawal of R200 is allowed within 48 hours from Monday through Friday.

  • Recharge Rule

The minimum recharge on Online Revenue is R300. Credits are made within 24 hours. Recharges can be done all day, Monday through Sunday.

To learn more about registration, withdrawal and deposit rules and to follow various tutorials, you can also visit their website and click “newbie help”.

Is this Platform Legitimate?

  • Website Launched: 9th Aug 2021
  • Expires:2022-08-10
  • Last Updated: 2021-08/09
  • Popularity Low Traffic
  • Trust Score 1%
  • Trust Ranking: 0.8%/100
  • Customer Reviews: Mixed opinions on online platforms
  • Social Media This website was found through our research.

We can conclude from the above that the owner is trying to hide his identity and the website was registered only recently. The website appears to be questionable. This website is not recommended for everyone.

What are People Saying about Online TKL Revenue ?

Some users, such as those from Nigeria and Namibia, Canada, Mozambique consider it a scam. However, there are others who believe it to be legitimate and that you can make money with this platform. One happy user claims they can withdraw the money the same day. Trustpilot rates this platform at 3.6/5 stars.

Some people think that having a WhatsApp group does not make a business legitimate. It loses credibility technically because of its poor design.

More Information and Details

During our research for this platform and is TKL Online Revenue legit query; we have found a similar website with an identical interface – The domain name of this website was registered on 7th August 2021. It will expire 7th August 2022. This platform has a trust rank of 0.5/100 and a trust score of 1%.

One user said that this website is a scam and had no connection to Takealot.

The Last Words

We warn readers to stop investing their time on this platform. Online TKL Revenue, as you can see, is still too new for trust and the possibility of receiving a payment. Alternative legit sources that actually pay real money are available. You can learn more information about this platform.

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